Video |Runyon Canyon: L.A.’s hottest hipster hike is just so cool.

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Video |Runyon Canyon: L.A.’s hottest hipster hike is just so cool.


How hot do you have to be, in order to be cool in Los Angeles?

Runyon Canyon is L.A.’s hottest hike that’s just tres cool and I’ll show you why!  (Watch the video)

I became acquainted with the Runyon Canyon hike, when I was living in Los Angeles and a girlfriend wanted to blend her workout with walking her dog. The solution was Runyon Canyon, a calming workout in the great outdoors, a free gym and hot chiseled men with their shirts off… what more could a 20-year-old-me ask for?


Why is Runyon Canyon L.A.’s hottest hiking spot?

Los Angeles city is a dynamic blend of street grids and miles and miles of asphalt. Rather than driving an hour or longer out to the suburbs to escape the Hollywood urban cosmos, the Hollywood Hills provide a secluded backdrop and gateway into nature. Although admittedly, there are other hiking locations nearby, Runyon Canyon is convenient and a hotspot, connecting me with nature and the sexy sways of the L.A. hipster scene.  What makes it so?

A good hike

As a hiking spot residing in the urban jungle of the Hollywood Hills, it’s a decent hike. Depending on your route, you can make it moderate or challenging. The main circuit path is easily defined as one giant loop. The wraparound is around 3 miles, if not less. I’d rate it a 4 or 5 and you can get a decent workout if you want.

If the smog (that haze of pollution which perpetually blankets the city, so that Los Angelenos need to wash their car at least once a week) is thick, you’ll be breathing heavily and you won’t want to be out on trails at all.

There is also an off-the-beaten-path trail for those who want more of a challenge to hike a higher peak (I’ve not done this yet)

Duration: Depending on your fitness level and how many times you’d like to do the trail, it should take around 45 minutes to an hour at a moderate pace.

It’s frequented by folks in the entertainment industry

Being in Hollywood, Runyon Canyon is often frequented by folks in the entertainment industry. You’ll hear people talking about Hollywood, films and auditions, relationship drama and … their favorite yoga teacher!

A perfect people-watching spot

If you’re single and living in L.A., odds are you have a gym membership to some fitness facility or yoga studio, partially to workout and then, to window shop potential relationships.  This is ideal because unlike gyms, Runyon Canyon offers free membership!

Yup, there’s a lot of people on this trail. But because this is L.A., an image-conscious type of city, you might want to think about what you wear to your workout! You never know who you’ll see.

The best view of the city

As I’ve mentioned before, this spot has got the most awesome view of Los Angeles.  Read 20 Best Things to Do in Los Angeles.

Escaping Los Angeles

All of Los Angeles and Hollywood may be rolled out before you, like an asphalt carpet, as you hike the trails. You’ll still feel very removed from the city.

The terrain of the trails are of a desert-like nature; at times, other-worldly (Note: there’s no trees for shade).  It’s just enough of a window to distance yourself from your city troubles, before stepping back into your car to go back to them.


Many dog owners like to walk their dog here.  BTW- Having a dog is another great way to meet people!


Travel Survival Tips & Extra Tips:

Watch my video. You need some incentive to watch something I labored over for a week!.

Getting there:

North Entrance (parking lot): 2.6 miles east of Laurel Canyon Boulevard on Mulholland Drive.
South Entrance (gated entrance for those on foot): 2000 North Fuller (cross street Franklin Ave)

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Runyon Canyon Hike: Best hikes and hotspots in Los Angeles

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