September ‘2010 GRRR!: Back from Jeju and Expacked… again!

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Scooting around Udo Island & trying not to get into car crashes! Getting past the first 5 minutes
of nerves was my biggest challenge…

Korea, how will you inspire me today?


I’m back from my Chuseok holiday on Jeju Islands with lots to blog share. I feel like my life was renewed!

…That was until, Monday morning rolled around and I had to drag my sorry ass out of my Daegu bed for work.

Thank the Korean God for my little Korean students– their bright and smiling faces gave me the second wind my Monday morning took away. I really love teaching them.

The scarier realization?

I think they make me like being an English teacher!

If there’s one secret treasure of Korea that’s been most impressive to me, it’s not the UNESCO sites, Korean food, the seemingly unnatural beauty of the landscape or the 1+1 deals at convenience stores… it’s the children.

GRRRL September Shout outs

September isn’t quite over yet, but I want to do my second wind of GRRRL Shout outs to some ultra-cool sites who have featured my articles.

First off– major GRRRs to Ken at Expacked for featuring my article “Decoding my Korean workplace: an NET’s class schedules” in this month’s Expacked, Issue #87.

Once again, if you’re an NET curious about how events in the Korean school system may affect your job, this is an awesome newsletter to subscribe to! Ken culls together great up-to-the-wire news articles which give us insight into the invisible strings which shape and shift your NET/Expat world.  Knowledge is power; embrace your GRRR !

Secondly, big GRRRs to Brian of Jeollanamdo for his mention of my Boeseong tealogue blogs in his “Inbox & Favorites” section. Little does he know his very own blog site banner photo was the real inspiration behind my seeking out Boseong’s Tea Fields as one of my “Top Places in Korea to See”!


Cool Digs: K-bloggers & Korean Festivals

For those of us Daegu folk looking for weekend festivals/events around Korea– so far we’ve relied on Daegu Pockets to tell us (they’re a great resource!), but I also found some impressive event calendars on other K-bloggers’ sites.

Brian of Jeollanamdo’s event calendar shares happenings by season, while Chris from South Korea’s calendar updates monthly.

Between these guys and Daegu Pockets, our weekend cards could be booked for some time!

Ha-Ha-Happy Birthday to my Papa Bear!

Last but certainly NOT least, I wanted to blog a Happy Birthday to my Dad! At the Teddy Bear Museum on Jeju Island, I was in search for a grand teddy statement which would send a warm sentiment.  While I have handful Teddy bears in my iPhoto collection to choose from, this seemed to be the perfect one for me and my Dad (that even looks like his hat!).

Cute, cuddly and fuzzy, teddies also inspire bravery, courage, protective strength and fearlessness. They have that element of (as Tyra Banks would say…) fierce-ness that every little GRRRL loves to lean upon for comfort. Love you, Dad!

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