The Special Ed Kids in my Class will surprise you.

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Last Updated on October 14, 2010 by Christine Kaaloa

The Special Ed kids in my classes will surprise you. Honestly. They surprise me!  Korean schools don’t separate special needs students from normal students. They’re mixed into the class along with the handicapped, but the only teacher that really pays attention to them is their Special Ed teacher. Me? My favorite students are the special ed and slow students. Why? They’re the most challenging yet, they’re the ones I’ve seen the most marked improvement in if I show them a little extra attention. And I find, I can sometimes speak to them on a more normal level than my normal students. Unfortunately, my special students’ grades won’t reflect it and their performance is based on their moods and temperaments, but on a speaking level, they’re beginning to surprise me. Many have come out of their shell. Read more click here to go to My Crazy Kimchi!

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