August GRRR!: Summer’s Monumental Moments- Writing, Travel & Working at ESL Summer Camp!

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Totally cool layout! The bottom blue box even translates some of my words into Korean.
(They translated “sex-ifed“.  I’ll need to ask a Korean to translate my own word back
to me to see what it means in Korean!)

The August publication in Daegu Pockets is out and I am in it!
Published! One of my blog articles is in this month’s August edition of Daegu Pockets.  It’s a very cute 2 page spread, so I’m particularly stoked and tickled! FYI- Daegu Pockets is a magazine publication primarily for expats and Koreans wanting to gain an inside view of the cross-cultural lifestyle in and around Daegu.  It provides useful and entertaining Insider tips for those wanting to learn more about the scene here. Incidentally, it’s also the first magazine I picked up when I arrived in Korea, for its subway map of Daegu (and it’s actually the only one I’ve seen in English print since)! Aah, memories... For two months, I religiously toted it around with a death clutch, until I learned the local subway system.  I guess you could call me a fan.

Anyways, check it out here or if you get the chance, pick one up!


The Conclusion to English Summer Camps
Conquered!  I say this with a bit of exasperated relief. Generally, it’s been a good experience; but overall, a really tiring and draining one.  Aside from my superstar Superhero camp carrying 2 hour-long classes and my monstrous camp (at my school) packing 6 classes into a day and without CT translations, I came home whooped and sometimes, a bit frustrated!

At times, doing my own lessons felt as fun as teaching them!
This is the monster mini-book I made to show my students as a sample.

On a positive note: Teaching at summer camp was more fun than I thought it would be! I’ve always needed environmental change to keep me inspired, so this was perfect! Teaching outside my school and working with new staff and NET’s, was a refreshing break from feeling those drab “house-wife blues”. It’s also interesting to see how others organize their camp and facilities, as well as to familiarize myself with the varying levels of students in other schools.  And… when I get down to it, being in charge of my own class/home room rocked big-time (even if kids can pump you up into feeling like a god or an ant in one second straight)!

Monumental: the Grrrl Traveler Moment I’ve been Waiting for…
Okay, I know some of you feel gyped out of the wickedly fun (and fumbling funny) adventures of my first solo-solo trip to Thailand!  Last year, as you know, embarking on a solo journey (to a developing country) was my biggest Grrrl Traveler challenge. Unfortunately, with my move from NYC -Hawaii-Korea happening in such a flash, my trip’s documentation had to take a back-seat. Tsk tsk, Chris! Ironically, conquering that first challenge was more momentous to me than moving my life to Korea (and furthermore, I’ve been dying to post my photos of monks and gloriously giant Buddhas)! So in the coming months, I hope to throw Thailand into my three-country juggle of blogging.

Why a three-country juggle, you ask? Because this week,  I’ll be launching my next solo trip…to Vietnam!  Ready? Set, Go!

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  • Hey Christine! Congrats on being published! Good job! I’ll make sure to get a copy for August. I got here in July and I got my copy at the Duryu Park Tourist Information center. And I found it a big help especially for me who knew nothing about the city and who had no one to take me around. haha. 🙂 Anyway, thanks for the pizza advice. I finally had my fix at Dongsongno. Goodluck on your trip to Vietnam!

    • @Eileen: Thanks for the warm congrats. Yeah, there’s a list in the back (mostly expat places) of where Daegu Pockets can be found. Either way, the expat haunts are on that list if you are interested. Definitely feel free to drop me a line if you need help or a friend. I’ve been pretty busy with summer camp and stuff but I should have more time when I get back from Vietnam! Hope you are doing well with this summer heat. 😉


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