Polyglo(s)t: Plights with Multilingualism

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I love learning languages, but is there a problem with learning too many languages?

Firstly, I’m not here to speak as a professional polyglot. I am not fluent in any other language than English. But I have learned several languages along the way to the point where either I understand some things of what might be said in a country or can speak enough broken pidgin to get around. Fluency is not the issue, as it having a swirl of different languages in your memory banks.

What are the common plights with multilingualism. Here’s some of my issues with them… You’ll have to watch the video above. Below are the transcriptions.

~  Transcription ~

A few months ago, a viewer left a comment asking how many languages I know.  I thought I’d share a video with you on the languages I know and … the top 3 pights I have using them, when I travel

Hello, my name is Christine

  • Bonjour! Je m’appelle Christine. J’adore film du française, philosophie du Jean Paul Sarte… Langue du Francaise… c’est très très poétique!
  • Hola, mi nombre es Christine
  • Kon’nichiwa, watashi no namaeha Kurisutin desu  |  こんにちは、私の名前はクリスティンです
  • Anyeonghaseyo yorobun, chonun Chrisitine-imnida. Nanun chodon hakkyo songseinim isseotda.  Nyeong don an. Hanguko sarayo.

I live in United States.  

…Etats Unis.  Beikoku… Miguk  미국… Estados Unidos

Learning Languages vs Travel Survival Phrases

When you know the country you’re traveling to, people naturally warm up to you. Even if you don’t know the language too well…

  • Ou sont les toilettes?
  • Toire wa doko ni arimasu ka?   トイレはどこにありますか?
  • Shille hamnida,  hwanjanshil odieyo?  화장실은 어디입니까?
  • ¿donde esta el bano? el barco? el iglesia? escuela?

How much is it?

Combien ça coûte?

Ikuradesu ka?  いくらですか?

Olmayeyo   얼마입니까?  kaka-chuseyo?

Three Common Problems with Language

Because I don’t’ practice my languages a lot, I’m not fluent. I’m not like….. (fluent inaudible blahs).

  • Je parle un peu francais?
  • Sukoshi hanashimasu
  • Escucho, un poco. Comprendo, un poco. Poquito.

1.  The Bottle neck  

That’s when you’re speaking a language and all of  a sudden, all the languages that you know converge on you all at once. And the one language that you’re actually going for.. seems to run away.

2.  Polyglo(s)t  

If you don’t use your language skills then they get like ab muscles turned into belly flab.

3.  Traveler’s Pidgin

I’ll take the word that I know and mosh them together.


Let me know what some of your language problems are when you travel. Leave them down in the comments below. Until then, travel safe, smart and fun and may the GRRR be with you!


Sayonara, au revoir, annyeonghi-kaseyo, annyeonghi-keseyo,… !

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