Winter Accessories: Turn BRRR into GRRR

Last Updated on January 25, 2009 by Christine Kaaloa

In the chill of 10 degree weather we are out on the streets shooting  The Discerning Brute’s “Concrete Catwalk” (video can be viewed on VIDEO tab) to find out if NYC’s heart of fashion really has a warm heart, indeed! Our host, Josh poses as a  faux fashion TV show host and interviews “victims” – ahem- passerby’s off the street to engage them about their fashion choices, consciences and the REAL victims of their fashion. Oh, fashion police?…

Traveler & Cameraperson fashion:
Despite the fact we are feeling the “teens” (oh, anywhere from 10-19 degrees) of winter breeze right through our clothes as we walk the streets for hours, I am kept warm but not as many thick layers as you are thinking right now. Bulky and layered clothes are an additional weight to my holding a camera and this occasionally restricts my movement. Also, if i’ve gauged the weather wrong, i’m potentially trapped in a thermal body suit- an awful sweat factory-  not fun!

Keeping warm is really about covering “the appendages” and great travel clothes are about increasing your clothing options without adding bulk and luggage weight. I have a lean fashion staple of 2  items that I consistently carry with me for most travel (and shooting) occasions. As a shooter, they’re conveniently add/remove-able  when I go from shooting exterior to interior shots or if my work environments vary in weather anywhere from 0-70 degrees. My clothing staples are:

Arm warmers (for forearms & worn over my clothes or skin if all I have on is a t-shirt)

arm warmers

arm warmers

Leg warmers (covering up and a little over the knees & capable of going over or under your pants & most often found at dance clothing  stores).

leg warmers

leg warmers

If you can’t find actual arm warmers- you can purchase them on the internet at online stores like Sock Dreams or you can take a nice pair of long socks and cut holes in the toes and make homemade warmers (But please- do yourself a favor & choose a cute & funky or neutral design…not the standard white cotton tube socks!)  The right design for the arm warmers should add or enhance your fashion if you’re wearing a t-shirt, tank top or long sleeve.

homemade arm warmers

homemade arm warmers made from socks

These warmers both, allow easy access to dress or undress layers of warm with little fuss, they’re fashionable, conveniently light, allow flexibility & can be easily tucked away in a coat pocket or purse. And best of all, if you purchase cotton, nylon or warmers made from synthetic material, its cruelty-free!

Who said all camera persons have to dress in drab monotone fashion and jeans?
For more information on the show or vegan health & fashion, please check out The Discerning Brute .