World’s Worst Toilet: #6 Trekker’s Homestay Bathroom, Thailand

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A three-day trek in the mountains of Chiang Mai, Thailand? Loved it. A rugged and intense workout, it made me feel like I really earned those landscape gems of perfect waterfalls, manicured paddy fields and quaint mountain villages.

By now, a porcelain bowl in the ground and a bucket of water to flush isn’t so shocking to me. My odds of hitting my shoe when I squirt are 80 out of 100. Yay! I’m getting pretty professional.

A village home stay with an outhouse isn’t horrible in the light of day. But at night with no light? That’s a different story…

Did I mention, this outhouse doubles as the shower too? I spent my first night squatting in the dark and taking a cold water bath by the light of my perched flashlight.

Rugged adventures!  I love them, but feel like I should earn Girl Scout badges for them.




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[…] not sure if I’d sum this kind of toilet as world’s worst or  a pretty smart work-arounds. Whereever you are in the world or what the toilet conditions, […]


I completely agree…you should get a girl scout badge!

Laura in Cancun
December 30, 2011 1:19 am

I could totally pee there (seen some horrible bathrooms here in Mexico), but oh man… what if you get diarrhea or something?


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