33 Things you Never Knew About Me, GRRRL TRAVELER (Video)

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33 Random Things You Never Knew About Me

Crossing 20,000 subscribers on YouTube is like a rite of passage of hard work and exhalation.  It’s a huge wahoo!

Blogging myself vs vlogging myself

With YouTube, I pour a lot of time editing, thinking of ideas and throwing myself in front of the camera.  Of course, I enjoy

all of this, but making consistent weekly schedule as if were a television show of weekly programming, is something you have to be committed to. Many fall off that schedule wagon due to the rigors of the workload.

Blogging allows me to remain in the comfort of my chair and behind your laptop. Meanwhile, vlogging requires me to get out of my chair, decide where I’ll film my video and why( For instance, I have three locations in my house where I’ll film), tidy my appearance up some (or at least waist high if I’m doing standups  aka videos where I’m just talking to the camera), jump in front of the camera, perform something my notes, and then jump back behind the camera to do more work.  Obviously, I’m oversimplifying the process, but that’s the layman’s version.

In a nutshell: It’s not a comfy desk job.

33 Things you never knew about me
33 Things you never knew about me

About this video

So  I knew when I finally crossed my first YouTube subscriber goal, I’d put a video out on Random Things You Never Knew Know About Me.  That video is more like a award meme that a lot of YouTubers do so we can share with you, parts of ourselves that’s “normal people” and that gets hidden away. It’s also a great blog ice-breaker.

Initially it was going to do a video on  50 things you never knew about me  and split between random things and things you asked about, in terms of my traveling, blogging and career background.

But then it got long.   Omigod it felt long.  If you know me, you’ll know I don’t like long videos.  I obsessively edit things down even if they’re just a second long.
My only solution was to split the video into two parts.  This is part one. Enjoy!
Stay tuned for part 2-  Things you never knew  about me… but asked!
And if you’re not already subscribed to my YouTube channel, then please do!  Help me get to 50,000 subscribers by the end of this year!

33 facts about me | GRRRL TRAVELER
33 facts about me | GRRRL TRAVELER

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