Experiencing Christmas & Amazing Mega Malls in Bangkok

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SUPERLICIOUS Christmas & Mega Malls in Bangkok  | 群僑商業中心
This is my first time spending the holidays away from my family and I’ve found spending the holidays alone and abroad isn’t so bad… especially if you’re spending some of it in Bangkok!

Superlicious Christmas decorations in Bangkok

Christmas isn’t a major holiday for the Thai. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop stores and shopping malls from pulling out all stops to dress the city with their own attractive celebration.  In Bangkok, shopping malls have turned up their wattage on lights and decorations. From the look of things, Bangkok is more Christmas festive than the U.S. and Europe!
Christmas in Bangkok, christmas at central world, nye at central world

Christmas at Central World in Bangkok

Christmas in Bangkok

Christmas in Bangkok

Tip: On New Year’s Eve, Central World is the place to be. Although Chinese New Year is the big holiday, the western New Year is still somewhat recognized. There’s a giant countdown clock and fireworks go off at midnight. The street facing the front of Central World is already a crowded walking street of vendors and food hawkers on normal days. So expect New Year’s Eve to be a literal street party!


countdown clock in bangkok

Giant countdown clock in Bangkok

New Year in Bangkok

New Year preparations and marketing in Bangkok


Thailand: Leaders of Design in Asia

 I like to think of the Thai as the Asian equivalent to Scandanavian design in Europe. While Thailand still holds onto its old world charms, it has a surprisingly contemporary side in regards to “boutique style design”.  The Thai are wonderful at creating visual harmony in attractive facades, artwork design and commercial architecture.
Siam Center Design

Siam Center Design

Siam Paragon CineplexSiam Paragon Cineplex

Elephant art exhibition in Bangkok

Elephant art exhibition in Bangkok


Video plays a lot into commercial design and architecture in Thailand from interactive kiosks to LCD mural screens, BTS monitors flashing fresh and spunky commercials and finally, giant building-sized video panel screens playing ecological art designs. The way the Thai use video to reshape and beautify their environment takes the lead over international cities such as Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul.
video murals bangkok, video murals, video installation bangkok

Video panels on the side of a building

cineplexes in thailand

Video kiosk for booking film tickets and checking film schedules: cineplexes in thailand

Video Ceiling Design in Bangkok, design in bangkok, architectural design in bangkok, thai design, video installation in thailand

Video Ceiling Design in Bangkok’s Siam Center mall | Malls of Bangkok

video installation on side of building bangkok

Video ad installation on side of building and christmas lights below, Bangkok

A surprising  element to also point out is Bangkok’s hostel experience. Some hostels feel like boutique hotels, well-designed and structured around presenting an easy, efficient and sexy world for backpackers. From funky murals, to slick furniture, you’ll feel you’re in an upscale, hipster’s hostel, complete with safety entrance key, that can also be used to turn on a night light and charging wall outlet near your bed. Staying at a hostel in Bangkok never looked sexier.  The fact that it’s also inexpensive will spoil you for life!

Mega Malls in Bangkok

There’s many things to do in Bangkok, but there’s two main things that the Thai love to do~ that’s  eat and shop!
Fashion in Bangkok, shopping in bangkok

Shopping for Fashion in Bangkok

However, if you visit mega malls of Bangkok,  you’ll find that the malls present a new level of entertainment. Not only might you find skin care, esthetic shops and massage salons. You might also discover a bowling alley bar, karaoke, ice skating rinks, 4DX cinema & luxe theater experiences, gaming arcades and more!
Central Festival Chiang Mai, malls in chiang mai, 4dx cineplex in chiang mai

Central Festival Chiang Mai

Terminal 21 Shopping center

Terminal 21 Shopping center | malls of bangkok

Bowling Alley inside Siam Paragon Cineplex, Siam Paragon theater, siam paragon bowling alley

Bowling Alley inside Siam Paragon Cineplex

siam paragon bowling alley

siam paragon bowling alley

Keep an eye out for the 41 Best Things to Do in Bangkok (Part II: Downtown Bangkok). Many more surprises there on getting the most out of your trip!


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Bangkok Travel Secrets, Bangkok travel ebook, bangkok guide book

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