A List of 21 Airports with Airport Sleeping Pods to Try on your Next Layover? (2023 Guide)

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21 Airports with Airport Sleeping Pods

Writing about my Japanese capsule hotel stays, I got to thinking about more capsule hotels. The popularity of the concept has given way to airport sleeping pods.

But airport sleeping pods are temporary rest capsules that allow travelers to rest while waiting for their flights. Are airport sleeping pods worthwhile and will you try them on your next layover?

Airport sleeping pods vs capsule hotels

Sleeping pods have been popularized in the West but is similar to Japanese capsule hotels. They are similar in that they are temporary independent accommodations.

futuristic capsule hotel in tokyo
futuristic capsule hotel in tokyo

What are Airport Sleeping Pods?

Airport sleeping pods, also known as nap pods or sleep capsules, offer travelers a place to relax and sleep. They are pay-per-use short-term sleep capsules with various features and several airports already house them.  They are ideal options when your flight has been delayed, or canceled due to bad weather or you have a long layover.

Many airport sleeping pods offer essential facilities for a layover and connecting flight passengers, such as luggage storage areas, power outlets for charging electronic devices, reading lamps, and occasionally public Wi-fi connectivity.

The sizes of airport sleeping pods vary. In some cases, they are so large that they resemble mini-hotels.  Large sleep pods might also include a TV and a private bathroom!

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How much do airport sleeping pods cost?

Prices typically vary between $30 and $43 an hour, so you’re renting by the hour, much like a Korean love motel or a Japanese manga cafe (you gotta love Asia !).

Popular Airports’ sleeping pod brands

IGA SleepPod
DARAKHYU – 워커힐 (terminal 1 & 2. More of a transit hotel)
NapZone lounge chairs
SAMS Snooze At My Space
Nap Stations
Check out my 9 Hours capsule hotel video. This is the same brand for Narita airport

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21 Airports with Airport sleeping pods

Abu Dhabi (AUB):

Go Sleep Pods averages from 10-15 USD per hour and are located in Terminal 3 and Terminal 1 in the Al Dhabi Lounge at AED45.

Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS): 

Yotel capsule hotel, main terminal in Lounge 2, near Pier D. Note: The property is closed through the end of September due to terminal construction. GoSleep pods in Concourse D.

Atlanta (ATL) – Atlanta International Airport, United States:

You can book Minute Suites pods to relax, work or nap in Atlanta international airport. Minute Suites provides a little more than sleeping pods but “suites” with a daybed, a TV, and a desk!  Minute Suites at Gate B16.

Berlin Tegel (TXL)– Berlin, Germany: 

Napcabs in the main hall, level 3.

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Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) -Dallas Fort Worth International airport, United States:

You can book Minute Suites pods to relax, work or nap in Dallas Fort Worth International airport. Minute Suites provides a little more than sleeping pods but “suites” with a daybed, a TV, and a desk! Minute Suites at Gate D23. Pricing starts with an hour at $48. From then on, you are charged $12 per

Dubai (DXB) Dubai International Airport , UAE:

You can easily find Snoozecube or Go Sleep Pods at DXB. Snoozecube in Terminal 1, next to Gate C22. GoSleep pods in Emirates’ Maharba lounges.

Hanoi (HAN)- Vietnam: 

Sponsored pods at the departures terminal.

Incheon ( ICN) – Incheon International Airport, South Korea ( 🎥 Check out my airport video):

Terminal 1: Basement floor of arrivals. Jjimjilbang. Terminal 2: DARAKHYU – 워커힐 capsule hotel; it’s more of a transit hotel. 60 free NapZone lounge chairs, Day hours (6:0a0~20:00), Overnight hours (20:00~06:00) , near gate 231, 264 on 4F at Terminal 2 and gate 25 and 29 on 4F, Terminal 1.
Free Shower facilities near gate 231, 264 on 4F at Terminal 2 and gate 25 and 29 on 4F, Terminal 1.

Check out the jjimjilbang in the basement floor below Departures for basic overnight and shower stays.

Istanbul(IST) – Istanbul Airport, Turkey  ( 🎥 Check out my airport video)

Sleeping pods by IGA SleepPod cabins at IST, cost between €6 and €9 per hour.
I have also seen a Yotel hotel inside the new Istanbul Airport. Book in advance here.

Helsinki (HEL) -Vanta Airport, Finland: 

You can find GoSleep Pods at HEL between the departure gates 28 and 29 in the Schengen area of Terminal 2 and at gates 31 and 37.

London Gatwick (LGW) – England:

You’ll find Yotel sleep cabins or capsule hotels at Terminal 4 at South Terminal at Gatwick Airport.

London Heathrow (LHR)- London Heathrow International Airport, England:

 Yotel sleep cabins or capsule hotels are located at Terminal 4 on Heathrow Airport at Terminal 4, ground floor.

Mexico City (MEX) – Mexico City International Airport:

izZzleep sleep capsules in MEX offer hourly and nightly rates, and even showers.

Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO) – Moscow, Russia:

You can easily find Go Sleep Pods at SVO at Terminal E, between gates 36 & 37.

Munich (MUC) Munich International Airport – Germany:

You can find NapCity sleep pods in the Munich airport that offers a small bed with internet access and TV. Napcabs in Terminal 2 (Level 4 at Gate G06 and Level 05 at Gate H32).

Narita (NRT)– Narita International Airport, Japan ( 🎥 Check out my airport video) :

9Hours capsule hotel in B1F on P2 in the multistory car park near Terminal 2. Want to extend your capsule stay in Tokyo? Book in advance here.

Check out my guide on top Capsule Hotels in Japan

New Delhi (DEL): Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) – New Dehli, India:

You can find (SAMS Snooze At My Space) sleep pod at DEL installed in Terminal 3 & opposite Gate 17 in international departures.

Philadelphia (PHL)- Philadelphia International Airport, United States:

Minute Suites pods at Terminal A-B link. Minute Suites provides a little more than sleeping pods but ” officetel suites” with a daybed couch, a TV, and a desk!  Pricing starts with an hour at $48. From then on, you are charged $12 per

Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) – Toronto, Canada:

Many free areas around Toronto’s YYZ to nap in from Free Sleep Pods to Energy pods and they’re built throughout the YYZ. But if you want showers and a regular night’s sleep similar to a hotel, they have Nap Stations which are literally rooms to rent with showers, Queen bed, television and ample space to walk around in.

Tallinn Airport (TLL): 

GoSleep pods at Gate 9 and in Nordea Lounge.

Orio al Serio Bergamo (BGY):

 ZzZleepandGo podsnewly opened.

Are airport sleeping pods worthwhile?

If you’re on a business trip and want to get to your destination clean and fresh, an airport sleeping pod may be worth the splurge. Or maybe you want to try the novelty of one.

In many cases you are paying airport costs on top of location convenience. It might be cheaper to use your airport lounge pass, research a nearby hotel with a free airport shuttle pickup or if you have a really long layover, take a day trip into the city and book an actual capsule hotel.


21 Airports with Airport Sleeping Pods A List of 21 Airports with Airport Sleeping Pods

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