Durga Puja Festival in Varanasi

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Goddess Durga Photo Credit: josephalmighty.multiply.com


I’m here during festival season!

What is festivals season to India but bright colors, lights, giant floats, ceremonies and the twitter of excitement.  The celebration is Durga Puja (‘puja’ or ‘pooja’ meaning ‘worship’). The Hindu Goddess Durga is the goddess of power and the mother of all female deities (more info here). For ten days, Durga tents and shrines go up all around the city, housing statues of Durga or enactment of her, slaying the evil demon, Mahishasura, who aimed to take over the world.

Durga Puja Festival Varanasi
Durga Puja Festival


Below is a slide show of a few of these celebrations around town:


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