Surfing the internet in the air with Go Go In-flight WiFi (Review)

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I am on a Delta flight back home to Hawaii, blogging and surfing the internet from airwaves of 50,000 ft (or higher) while testing out Go Go inflight WIFI service.

December is the month for Go Go Inflight deals

Yesterday I won a contest at The Gadling for a free Go Go in-flight session. Today, upon arriving at the Delta gate of my flight, they were passing out free Go Go sessions for my flight as well! What luck!

For the month of December, the Wi-Fi service Go Go In-flight is offering a deal for a month’s unlimited usage for only $24.95 (vs the normal price will be $50). Not bad if you’ll be traveling a lot this month or even just 3 times on either Air Tran, Air Canada, American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta or Virgin.

Go Go Inflight prices

A single flight session costs $12.95 for 3hrs+ and there are lower prices for sessions ranging from 1-3 hours.

Alternately, there is also a Mobile Flight Pass if you want to access the internet from your phone.

How is  Go Go Inflight WiFi service?

I like it okay for what it is in surfing sky WiFi. The connection speed certainly feels quicker than ground access when loading Facebook, news and media pages. Yet, it isn’t perfect as it struggled with my WordPress account log-ins and this eats up laptop battery time.

The airplane hasn’t yet blown up from all the laptop passengers taking advantage of this free air-surfing promotion, so I guess for now I’ll give it a B+ rating. There’s room for improvement.  The price (when not Free) is moderate, yet can actually be a bit cheaper than the Delta food/snacks being sold.

I’ll think twice about the priority of where my credit card charges to go.

Unfortunately, with the privilege of surfing the internet in the air, comes the slight paranoid vigilance of laptop battery usage. I’m limited to my battery capacity, which isn’t enough to last a 2-3 hour flight let alone a 5 hour one.

I wonder how long will it be before airlines install plug outlets for each seat? Only time will tell…


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  • I remember you telling me about this service after picking you up at the airport, but the hectic of that time things just floated past me. But I trulyly believe that what you mentioned about having an outlet to power-up, is my look foward the most to have. Love having you home.


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