The Death of Google RSS Reader and some Awesome Alternatives

As of July 1, 20013, Google RSS Reader is shutting it’s doors and sunsetting it’s application. Such is the death of Google RSSS Reader.

While I’ve posted this news a few months ago on in one of my newsletters, I’ve quite forgotten to post it to my site, where it will make a difference for many of you. (Oops, sorry… ) For many of you who use Google Reader to subscribe to my site (and many of your other favorite sites), this  means you’ll need to jump ship and find a new reader.

Here’s some  awesome alternatives for you…

Awesome Alternatives to replace Google Reader

1. Feedly (Web, iOS, Android)

Feedly is the most popular reader out there. Main selling point: you can sync it with your Google Reader in one-click and use it on both, the web and mobile devices. Easy peasy. It has simple navigation: a left bar for main navigation and a small top right bar for how you’d like to view your reader. You can choose to view your menu with or without graphics, magazine style, etc…  Read Lifehacker’s 10 New Feedly Features to Make your Transition from Google Reader Easier.

2. Pulse (iOS, Android, Kindle)

I’m a visual person, who likes a bit of change from time to time,  so I’ve just downloaded  Pulse. ‘ve checked reviews around the web to know this app ranks high and I like it’s mobility, but we’ll see if it has intuitive navigation and matches with my personality.

3. The Old Reader (Web)

If you’re stubborn to change and liked Google Reader the way it was, don’t despair. The Old Reader is your best bet. Currently, it’s only web-based and in Beta, but it’s pretty near the carbon copy of Google Reader. I know I just said, I like change,  but I can be fickle, if change leads to complexity and too much frustration trying to figure out.  I may be climbing back here in the antiquated machine, just to make my learning curve easier and cross one more task off my list.

How to Export your Google Reader Data

 Ed Rhee’s article on  How to Export your Google Reader Data.


How else can you follow GRRRL TRAVELER RSS news?

•  If you prefer to stay with the RSS thing, you can follow me on Bloglovin (as well as, other strange sites I have there, like Hallyu2Hawaii).  Export your subscriptions from Google Reader and upload it to Bloglovin or just click on the above link and hit “Follow” .


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