Love Letter #27: Korea nostalgia and a different type of solo traveler

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Gotta love Korea!   Photo credit: Claire Lee

Dear Love,

It’s been some time since I’ve written to you.

I haven’t forgotten. You are still in my heart and dreams.

But life doesn’t always go just as we predict.

Well, I couldn’t be with you this fall, but I’m sending my mother to you instead ( via a Korean Drama Tour)! 

Please be good to her.

This is her first solo trip completely away from her family, so she’s very nervous. 

Try not to be too spicy …

too cold

…or too weird.

Please Ms. Ajumma, be abnormally kind vs your normal pushy and rough self. 

Patbingsu, I know it’s not your season, but she’s going to come looking for you anyways.

Fall, just continue to spread your Technicolor love across the landscape, while also bearing the seasonal fruits I’ve fallen for.

Korea, just continue to surprise her with your quirky and charming self

camp English

My ‘Peter Pan’ musical: Missing the magic of Korea … and the fact I was allowed to direct fairy killings in 3rd grade!  (see my rehearsal clip here)   Photo credit: Camp English


… And pretty please, send her a hot Hallyu (aka Korea’s Hollywood) star sightings so she’ll bring back stories and smokin’ photos for her GRRRL TRAVELING daughter… whom ironically, must live vicariously through her at the moment.

Let her experience all the reasons, which make me love solo travel and you!



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  • Man, I wish they offered patbingsu all year. Though I would probably become morbidly obese.

  • I’ve been really nostalgic for Korea lately, too! I think it’s because all my friends there have been going on and on about how it was such a beautiful fall… that’s definitely my favorite time in Korea.

    Good on your Mom for going after such a brilliant-sounding adventure! Double fingers crossed that S.K. shows its best sides!

    • @Our Dear Lady Expatriate: I have to agree with you on Fall being the favorite time of year. I’m normally not a fall person but Korea turned me into one. It’s the loveliest time in that country. Even more memorable to me than the east coast of the US.

  • Haha I love this! Oh ajummas, when will they learn? I’ve taken to just elbowing them right back now. If your mother could send some of the Hallyu stars my way, that’d be great. Or if she runs into Tae Yang from Big Bang, Taecyeon from 2PM, Rain, or Kim Jongkuk, they’d be welcome deliveries, too. Get her on the case!

    • @Tom: Ajumma elbower! 😉 I’ll let her know about Tae Yang and Kim Jongkuk, but Taecyeon & Rain… ya gotta stand in line. This ajumma is gonna be right there to scoop those hotties up! lol. She came inches close to seeing our favorite star Kang Ji Hwan though at the Busan Film Festival, but the folks she was with were tired. =-(


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