Instagram Roundup: August

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Instagram Roundup for August

These days I’ve been spending more time on Instagram for relaxation. Are you following me?

As a travel blogger writing for a blog and a YouTube channel, I juggle a lot and frankly, there are times when it begins to feel like work. Times like that, I need to focus on other creative expressions, to give my creative juices a recreational outlet. Yes, I’m an odd bean.   I’ve actually begun to post more photos there than I do anywhere else.

I decided to share my favorite insta-photos via a monthly Instagram roundup!

Monthly Instagram Roundup: August

A picture tells a story but sometimes,  depending on what you’re shooting for, the story behind the picture isn’t always in focus, but takes a back seat. That backseat story is sometimes more interesting. What do you like better- the story or the picture?

1.  In the shadow of Hawaiian sunsets on the eastern Oahu shores. 

Hawaiian sunsets will never get old for me. The proudly swaying coconut trees silhouetted against the yellow-orange backdrop are a symbol of the “aloha” islands.

The instagram shot was taken at the Disney Aulani resort in Kapolei, where I was working as TV crew for a few days. Although we were shooting some segments with the Disney stars and they were well-behaved children, it was terribly hot and that shoot was probably the most physically-challenging for me in all my work history. I was moving equipment for an entire set – huge mirror flags, c-stands (if you understand crew terminology)– with little help. It was so challenging, I donned the phrase, “I feel like my uterus wants to fall out”.

But because I’m in a crew, made up of entirely men, I don’t complain or try to act “girlie”. Instead, I silently suck it up and get the job done, knowing everyone’s job is hard and my part will help the wheel turn for everyone else. That’s team work.

The sunset beauty was a precious gift of the day and although I was glad the day ended, there was still nowhere else or other industry I wanted to be in.  That’s passion.

Instagram, Travel inspiration,
Disney Aulani Resort, Kapolei Hawaii


2. Although it’s an uphill climb in Hawaii’s industry, being home is nice and grounding.

I used to have a work life that was constantly on the go.  I’d spend weeks to a month living in different locations for work. While I loved living that kind of nomadic lifestyle, I could never have a pet and a puppy is something I’ve desperately wanted for years.

Pets are like family and like home, it’s a place we can return to that grounds us, giving us a place to put our love unconditionally. We all need something to care for outside of ourselves in order to feel our hearts grow.

Welcome my new puppy-anchor, Tinker!

Instagram, puppies,
My puppy Tinker and me, kicking back in Hawaii


3.  Finally, a golden hour shot of the Empire State Building!

The golden hour is a term we use in video, meaning the “magic hour”. It’s that time of day near sunset that’s great for photography; it’s when your subject is lit with a soft reddish, yellow glow.

Where can you get the best shot of the Empire State Building? Running around Manhattan, shooting video for my YouTube channel,  I didn’t know. Over the course of a week I took several shots from around the city, trying in vain to capture Ms. Empire in full. On my second to the last day, I found it on the corner of 34th Street and 8th Avenue . Ironically, I met it coming out of a New York City’s biggest camera shop B & H Photo.

Of course, Ms. Empire wanted to be discovered.

instagram, new york city, empire state building
Golden Hour in New York City


4. Honolulu!! Diamond Head crater for the best view!

If you’re a first time visitor to Oahu, I recommend hiking Diamond Head crater. Gauging from this photo I think you can see why. It’s got one of the best views of Oahu.  Diamond Head crater is a dormant volcano crater that has been turned into a park with a wicked lookout.

I love hiking and after wrapping work, I took one of our visiting field producers on this hike to see the view.  Twenty minutes to the top and this loveliness was at her fingertips!

diamond head lookout hike, diamond head hike, things to do in hawaii
Top 10 Things to do in Hawaii


5. The Wonder Wheel at #ConeyIsland #Brooklyn #nyc

Coney Island boardwalk in Brooklyn is one of the top boardwalks in the world and a must see if you’re in New York.  It’s got historical landmarks and historical rides.  (Incidentally, it’s also where I had my Travel Channel callback audition last month!)

The Wonder Wheel is one of the oldest rides in the park. Built in 1939 for the New York World’s Fair, it’s one of the oldest working rides in the park and the only one of its kind.  It has two cars- the white cars are stationary; the red and blue cars are moving and slide along a track as it turns. At night it’s lit with neon tubes and is one of the best known landmarks you’ll see off the boardwalk.

Would you ride this ferris wheel?

P.S. Due to that audition, I now know a lot about Coney Island’s history! Just ask me.

Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY
Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

 Stay tuned for next month’s Instagram roundup. Which is your favorite photo or story?  Have a favorite Instagram photo of your own, share it on my Facebook page in the comments section under this post.  

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