Love Letter #28: Reasons it ain’t easy being GRRRL TRAVELER’s mom.

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Love Letter #28: To my Mother  (Photo from when my mom visited me in South Korea)

Happy Mother’s Day to Moms around the world!

I hope you took the opportunity to do something for your mom.

By the time this is posted, this will have been a day late.

Nothing new. My mom knows how it goes and loves me all the same.  She hasn’t disowned me yet, although I’m sure there have been times it’s crossed her mind to leave me on a neighbor’s doorstep. Especially, seeing as I’m no longer as cute as when I was a baby.

We fight, we laugh, we talk girl talk, we laugh …we fight.  She scolds and screams at me and sometimes, I scream and scold her back.  In many ways, I’m a bad daughter. I can’t help it. It’s something all daughters are innately destined to be, even when they’re good. But the love between me and my mom actually runs very deep. She’s always been my best friend.


As a traveler, my home is everywhere, but I only have one heart.

As a traveler, each place I visit, I find a natural home in.  I can flit around the world and live anywhere, be anywhere. Anchor-less. But my secret is that I’m actually anchored. My mom my rock and compass and as long as I have that compass, the geography won’t matter.

“Like mother, like daughter”… not all the time.

My mom and I have different travel styles. While we often enjoy our girl time together, she’s not as big a fan of traveling as I am, she likes to always be planned, international travel stresses her out and she doesn’t like to fly alone.

While I know her well enough to gauge her interests, I don’t always know her tolerance. For instance, when she’s with visiting or traveling with me, she has to “rough it” some. Of course, I don’t always know that I’m making her rough it. But I find out pretty quickly, as I’m met with a complaint and the stubborn resistance of a mule.

But then I think of all the sacrifices she’s made for me, the endless baby illnesses, teen dramas and adult scares that were (and continue to be) hurled at her.

Basically, the resume on her “mommy list” is long, extensive and more than I’ve ever had to manage in my life.

If I’ve got GRRR, then you can probably guess where I got it from.

… Because it ain’t easy being a GRRRL TRAVELER’s mom.

Happy Mothers Day to my mom!    She deserves a gold medal.

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Moms never have it easy, but they deserve the best!


Whatever moms do, it’s what they do. It’s usually best to just go with it 🙂


This is so sweet and I really love it!! I can relate to what you said about being at home anywhere but being anchored by your mom 🙂 I’m thankful for my supportive mom as well 🙂


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