Review: The Towel Topper

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Review: Towel Topper


How many times to do you feel nervous about walking around and doing things, when you’re only dressed in your towel?  What freaks me out is the thought that at any moment, that towel I’ve tucked in could unexpectedly fall, leaving me fully exposed.

Recently, I got this Towel Topper in the mail to review.  The back of the cover said, “No more Ooops“… “Say goodbye to dropped towels”. This made me curious. Trying new travel accessories always excites me .

What is a towel topper?

The Towel Topper is a strap designed to wrap around the top of your towel, allowing you to belt it around you so that it doesn’t slip.

towel topper review

Review: The Towel Topper

I was given a Towel Topper to test-drive, so I used it on my trip to Los Angeles and I have two feelings about it. First, you’re talking to a gal, who doesn’t carry a lot of luggage;  I actually traded my “towel” in for a light-weight and quick-drying sarong. With sarongs,  one tuck seals things in place! Using the towel topper on it just seemed unnecessary.

But when I moved into a Beverly Hills hotel for a selfie getaway, then whoa, the towel topper came in quite useful.  Hotel towels can be anywhere from medium to heavy. At a  boutique hotel, towels can be down-right elephants! Ain’t no way you can even wrap your hair up into a turban, without getting a neck sprain.

With a tucked towel, you won’t get farther than five steps before finding it around your ankles! This posed a problem when getting ready.

towel topper review

Okay, I know I’m in a room all alone but with my camera pointed at me, I didn’t want to catch an embarassing shot I’d have to look at and delete.

But I strapped the Towel Topper on and it worked! That towel stayed up.

Other uses: at the beach if you’re changing behind a car . I also found it handy was walking around in a women’s locker room after a bath.

towel topper review, travel gear review

Is it easy to use?

Yes, it’s easy, but they come in different sizes so you’ll have to find one that fits.

My only foreseeable problem with this nifty item is that it can  be hard to remember, if you’ve spent most of your life “towel tucking”.  I suggest wrapping it around your bundled towel so that you remember you have it. 

towel topper review, travel gear review, travel accessories women

Towel Topping Styles

The towel topper comes in two styles: 1)  the Ruffled version (aka the one I’m modeling for you)  and 2) a personalized version, giving it a more simple and slender look. The latter option, costs a little more, but you can get your name or an inspirational word embroidered upon.

I like my accessories to look simple and understated; so I might have found more uses for the latter style . The truth is,  I’m  not a “frilly” personality.  Frills make me feel like an Asian Dolly Parton. On a good note, it makes me look like I have bigger boobs!


Should you get the Towel Topper?

The Towel Topper is not something I’d immediately think to buy for myself, but its something I might get as a gift for a friend, who I know likes to  stays at hotels, dorm hostels or who’s always changing at the beach behind their car.  It can be a handy item to have around!


For more information, visit the Towel Topper Website: www.
Ruffled version: $14.99
Personalized version: $20.00


Disclosure: I received this Towel Topper to review without monetary compensation. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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  • Wow. The things people come up with! Hahaha, I agree, maybe not ideal for the traveller, but would be a nice Christmas stocking stuffer

  • Loved the review (and the modelling!) but I have to say I would never, ever use this product. Frankly, I have never experienced this dropping towel phenomenon. Yes, sometimes the tucked in ends feel loose, so I just re-secure them. And if I”m walking in a towel in a quasi public area like a changing room, I just hold my arms in tight.

    • Avatar
      Christine Kaaloa
      April 1, 2014 8:16 pm

      @Vanessa: ha ha, that’s why you never experienced the dropping towel phenom… we’ve all clamped our arms down tight on the towel to keep it from undoing. lol. But I hear ya- it’s not for everyone.

  • Great review Christine, but for me it would be useless. I travel as lite as possible and it would be another piece of item in my backpack I would not use. Fun photos girl! 😀

  • I quite like it actually. You also look much prettier when you are walking down the corridor from the bathroom to your dorm with this I think. 🙂

    • Avatar
      Christine Kaaloa
      April 1, 2014 8:14 pm

      @Tammy: That would be great for a co-ed dorm! 😉 Much sexier than a big t-shirt, sweatpants and wet hair

  • I think I would just buy a bungee cord to use than something as expensive as this.

    • Avatar
      Christine Kaaloa
      March 31, 2014 9:37 am

      @Steve: I couldn’t imagine you in frills anyways. Guess your friends would get to look forward to bungee cords from you. =)


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