2011 GRRRL’s mom, my solo travel fears and the mystery I’ll be!

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Annyeong 2011! Time is flying and it’s taking a jet.

Writing Home for the Holidays: GRRRL TRAVELER’s blogging mom

It was a winter white holiday for us in Korea and this year,I didn’t have time to write home about it. No problem, my mother, the real family blogger, did it for me!

With my mother in town for two weeks, we climbed the ups of sightseeing Korea through Jeju Island, making our own K-drama tour, desk-warming together at my school, seeing snow fall (*for her it was the very first time),… and she bore the downs of catching a cold during a wicked winter, as well as fears of first time solo travel at age 67!  In GRRR! fashion, she survived.

I’m excited to have a crap-load of fun “first time impressions” to share with you, from her Korean vacation, taken from her eyes and words.


Solo Travel~ can I whimper?… Writing the vacation that’s still a mystery to me.

Winter English camp is over and I head to Thailand and Laos this weekend for my winter vacation! Two weeks.

Oh yay.

I haven’t been doing my traveler jiggy dance nor have I researched much on this. My life will be shifting shortly with the end ofmy work contract. Many many many things must be sorted out and this trip was getting the shaft. Traveler or ESL teacher in Korea? It’s pretty much all up in the air. Research requires time and waiting for answers feel like a crap shoot.

I put my chips on the line, hold my breath and cross my fingers, hoping there’s an emergency erase or Do Over button —3/4 of my life …on red.

Right now, I’d like to scream to EVERYTHING–


All I’ve booked and am excited about is my Bangkok dentist. Medical tourism, here I come!

Yet, my main goal is to see Laos, which I know very little about- Vientiane to Luang Prabang. Take a bus.  Accommodations? One GIANT question mark. My adventure as a solo traveler will feel as secure as entering a cardboard house!Traveling alone sucks.

And then I want to say, it doesn’t.

Seems for the moment being, I’ll have to leave my life up to the travel gods and destiny.

Please be kind.

GRRRL Shoutouts for December and January!

GRRR! Hugs and Alohas to Expacked,  They had a great run with 100 issues, filled with informative articles from news lines and fellow K-bloggers. Ken’s site has been a labor of love, all to support native English teachers in Korea with the latest news. Unfortunately, Ken will be saying goodbye, as he returns home. Too sad– I loved having the top news delivered to my inbox.

Warm mahalos to Expacked for mentioning my post, Do you really want to teach English in Korea (Part 1: Q & A) as newsworthy reads for the Korea-expat community in your last newsletter.  I’m honored to go out with a 100th Anniversary bang!

GRRR! love to Andrew and the GoOverseas team for making me GO!Overseas’ featured blogger on December’s holiday issue. It was extranormously cool of them to put me in the spotlight, as well as mention of my Do you really want to teach English in Korea? series and just recently, my 5 Things MTV taught me about teaching English. You guys seriously rock!

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