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Last Updated on May 17, 2021 by Christine Kaaloa

Fez –
Beautifully guilded mosaics and old world charm. When you enter the spiced maze of Fez, it’s not hard to feel lost in a world of  working donkeys, local market stalls and Moroccans working on their crafts in the most medieval way.  Mosques have their ritual prayer calls throughout the day and when it does, steer clear of the stampede. It’s hard not to feel as though you’ve stepped into the fable of Ali Baba as the world around you hasn’t shifted with modernity.  Once you enter, you wont want to leave. Step outside of Old Fez and it’s a completely different life, however. Modern cafes line the street with clothing shops.


GRL favicon Dar Seffarine Riad (Moroccan Riad- Double, Under $70)
Stay inside a real Moroccan riad in the heart of Old Fez. Courtyard, rooftop access to an impressive view of Fez and the most exquisite breakfast you’ll ever have in Fez.

– Marrakech –

As the tourist capital, there are times you feel it’s all a bit overdone.  Touts, performers, tarot readers and food stalls crowd the square, making this the heart of the action. This heart of Marrakech doesn’t stop however and goes to light its dazzle after the sun has fallen.


2 room/5 bed apartment w/ kitchen & living room ($10 per person- found 3 French guys to share with!) Near the square.



Modes: Hired Car/Driver, Airplane
Public System: Train, Taxi

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