Top 5 Travel Essentials for Surviving Hostels

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Travel Essentials for Surviving Hostels | Top 5 Travel Tips

Due to the fact I find hostels both, as very social places and a wealth of DIY information and resource for my solo journeys, I can often feel reliant upon them.   But the downside is that whether I’m staying at a dorm or booking a single room, a hostel will always make me feel like I’m sacrificing your personal space. Things aren’t built for pampering, but for practical purpose and traveler value.

5 Travel tips for staying hostels

1. Power Strips & Multi-chargers

 These days, we carry so much tech ware, that we no longer need an outlet, but a charging station. As such, I always pack a power Strip  and some multi-chargers and adapters. I’ve I’m traveling many countries, I’ll pack a universal plug adapter. These can be a little chunky and take up space, but they’re good to have as a backup safety option. Also, USB ports chargers are great to have because it saves space on every outlet.

2. Flashlight

I love keychain flashlights! They’re cheap and easy to clip onto your bag so you don’t lose them. I use mine when finding my door keyhole when returning to my room, searching for things in the dark when I’m at a hostel (don’t want to wake anyone) or when I’m walking to an outdoor toilet at night. In either case, they come in handy at the most inopportune moments.

3. Flip & Tumble reuseable bags

Do you plan to do a little grocery shopping abroad, need a bag to hang dry clothes in when you shower at a hostel or ever carry an extra foldup bag to hold your personal items or souvenirs on a plane? If you’ve said Yes to any of this, then these Flip & Tumble reusable totes come in handy.

4. S-Hook

S Hooks are sold in hardware stores and they rock big time when you need something convenient to hang your toiletries tote on. They also make a great travel hanger for towels and clothes. Best of all, just slip them in your toiletries bag and you’ll never lose them

5. Sea to Summit Silk Liner Traveler

Whether I’m in a hotel, guesthouse or hostel, I pack my Sea to Summit 100% Premium Silk Liner . At least, it’s an extra silk layer of warmth for cold areas I never planned for. At most, it’s a protective layer against hostel sheets and bed bugs (Note: don’t get the cotton blended liners as they’re not effective against bed bugs).

Sea to Summit Silk sleeping bag linerWhat are your travel must-haves for surviving hostels?

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  • I carried a universal adapter with a surge protector built in, that I would plug my 3 outlet with USB slots power bar into. Some countries I travelled in were a bit sketchy with consistent power, and I didn’t want to damage my electronics with a random surge.

    I carried a silk sleep sac around for years, across 42 countries, and only used it a couple times. Never saw any bedbugs, and I stayed in some very low budget hostels and guesthouses; although I always did an inspection of the mattress and room prior to dropping my bags.

    My flashlight also came with a red filter, allowing me to still see in the night, but was less disruptive to sleeping hostels guests.

    Other items I carried with me for surviving hostels, were a travel clothesline (used this all the time) , ear plugs, eye mask, flat sink plug, and Kingston cable lock for my laptop.


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