Vapur water bottle review : Avoid Airport Water Rip-off with a Collapsible Water Bottle

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Last Updated on August 17, 2017 by Christine Kaaloa

reusable collapsable BPA water bottle, Vapur water bottle
Vapur Water Bottle, BPA free, reusable, collapsable


One of the things I hate about travel is being a slave to overpriced water vendors at airports.  There’s no way I like spending $5 on a 16oz bottle of water just because TSA security confiscated mine.

Unlike saving my used plastic water bottles for reuse– something I occasionally, still do—  I take my Vapur water bottle. It collapses, rolls up and fits into my purse or pocket and I can take it everywhere I go. Pretty convenient, huh?  And I’m all about “conveniences”, when I go solo.

These days, I simply zip through TSA security check with my Vapur water bottle and after clearing checkpoint, unroll and refill it at the water fountain inside.


Are reuseable water bottles a good alternative to buying airport water?

Now, you can always re-use your plastic bottles(eHow facts here) or get a reusable sports bottle. The only drawback is that they take up space in your bag.

So option number two…

These days, I’ve been a big fan of these VAPUR bottles, ever since I found them in Malaysia on a hot day.  It reminded me of the Platypus (a similar kind of collapseable bottle I wanted to try). Luckily, this was more accessible and cheaper!

Self-standing, the bottles are long, flat and oval, like a hot water bottle, so using them may initially feel awkward. But they actually fit better in bag corners and pockets. For instance, I can store it against the wall of my day pack or in my laptop compartment (when my laptop isn’t in it, of course). Outside pockets are not a problem and they can clip onto my bag or waist belt, if you’re looking to sport a ‘hiking nerd’ look.

Tip: Always have the cap screwed tight and remember where you put it so accidentally sit on it.


Vapur Water Bottles Specifications and other usage

The bottles are BPA-free, so you can sustain being in the sun and you can reuse it as many times as you want. It has FDA-approved polyethylene liner that resists taste and stains and is dishwasher safe. You can find them in several colors, styles  (large-mouth to sport bottle spout)and size (anywhere from 0.4 L-1L).

You can even freeze it if you want cold iced water on a hot day… or use it as an ice pack!

vapur anti bottles, collapsable and foldable travel bottles

How often do I use my Vapur?

I don’t use it all the time.  Occasionally, I like to buy a nice cold drink to fend off the heat.

But I always keep it stored rolled up in my daypack or bag. More often I use it on trekking trips, the gym and sightseeing days, when I’m far from a water source or I know I’ll be on the road for a long time.  The fact it’s always saved me $4-5 USD expenses on airport bottled water or at tourist sites makes me gloat with pride.


How do you wash a Vapur bottle?

I put some warm soap water in, close the cap and shake it around. When not in use, I blow in it, to open it and then leave it in the sun or dish rack to dry.

They’re not anti-microbial like the more heavy duty Platypus, so expect it to have a life expectancy. They won’t make a dent in your wallet though, so they’re easily replaced.


Where can you buy it?

You can get it online at Amazon here. You can also usually find it places like Target, Walmart. I’ve bought them on sale at Office Depot for $3.

Note: By buying off of this site, I make a tiny percentage from sales  to help maintain this blog. There is no added expense to you, so we both win! Also, I’m a big bargain shopper with Amazon and all for getting it at the lower price. If you do a little keyword search, you can sometimes find dealers that sell it for much less than the more popular listings.


Reuseable Water bottle alternatives:

The Platypus

The Platypus bottle touts a anti-microbial treatment to prevent slime. This is the one I was originally wanted before I found the Vapur bottles. They’re a bit pricier than the Vapur bottles. There’s also a hydration pack version.

travel water bottle, BPA free water bottle and hydration pack


Nalgene Wide Mouth Cantene 

This brand I can’t vouch for but they’ve got larger sizes (up to 3 Liters), a wide mouth and can withstand up to 220 degrees Farhenheit.

BPA travel water bottles

Do you buy water or use a water bottle when you travel?


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  • Hey Christine!,
    Vapur water bottles are great for traveling! Not only can they easily fit in any purse or luggage, but they are freezable too which makes it super easy to always have refreshing ice-cold water on hand! We also love how they are available in just so many colors and styles – perfect for gifting to family & friends!

  • […] casino or home, before boarding a flight.” I’d also bring an empty water bottle (or a collapsible water bottle) to fill up at the water fountain at the airport. As far as warmth, there’s no way of gauging […]

  • This is brilliant! Reusable too – fantastic!

    • Christine Kaaloa
      November 10, 2013 6:29 pm

      Yes @Annie if anything’s gotta be made w/ plastic, I’m glad if it’s purposely made to be reused. =)

  • PR for China Visas
    June 19, 2013 7:56 pm

    Good idea indeed. I always avoid having water at airport or during travel so it will work for me.

  • I always carry a plastic bottle of water with me, anywhere I go. This looks like a great item to me! Love its shape!

  • I always use my big tin water bottle because I can’t do without one!! I keep it in my purse or carry it in my hands at all times. I just got used to it. This little collapseable one looks pretty cool, though! I wouldn’t always use it, but it might be worth getting one. This is awesome that you discovered it! 🙂

  • I got so annoyed with backpacks that have tiny side pockets that can’t handle a water bottle that I went on eBay and found flat plastic water bottles, basically like those stainless steel hip flasks, but bigger, plastic, and $3. I don’t know why most water bottles are so big that they can’t fit into the side pockets of the backpacks sold in all the same stores.

    • @OC Demon: I know… I don’t think they make them for backpackers but more for normal people who go to the gym or need to grab something on the go. The smaller sizes will fit into my day pack but the liter sizes obviously are too big.

  • Cool. I think something went a little crazy on your related content plugin.

  • I’ve got a couple Vapur bottles, but they always seem to get a little funky after a week or two, requiring a ridiculously thorough cleaning and de-funking (a little alcohol, repeated rinses, and a day in direct sunshine usually does the trick). Despite the fact that I try to dry them fully expanded, I notice there are corners where water seems to get trapped. Have you noticed this as well? -Erik

  • I love to bring a bottle on long flights because the cups you get from the beverage service are so tiny. The stewardesses don’t mind filling up my whole bottle and then I’m free to hydrate as much as I want! These bottles are perfect!

    • @devan: Ooh, on one of my last flights to Vegas, they charged for water. No free water. Never flying Allegiant if I don’t have to. Stewardesses are good in other airlines though.

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