VIDEO: #Chinese Snack Taste Test w/ Experience Japan with Yuka

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Chinese Snack Taste Test

Every country/culture has mysterious and “fear factor” foods that foreigners might have difficulty trusting . As a vegetarian, I often experience distrust more than I do an open and inviting look at food. Often, there’s no local to inform me about the cultural foods. Some foods appear off-putting and yet, it makes me feel an intense cultural curiosity. Visually, I might look at something and say, “I could never… ” and then at the same turn, I wonder, “But I what that’s all about?…Afterall, locals like it!”  

That’s travel taking me outside my comfort zone.

But I realize that I’m not alone in my curiosity and reluctancy of trust towards foreign foods. Many travelers experience the same and it doesn’t have to do with the stigmas of being raised from one culture or another. Different is different and comes from a lack of experience and knowledge.  Entering the unknown always begins with a bit of nervous reluctance…

Chinese Snack Taste Test

China is known to have controversial foods but not al of it is. In this video, I team with Japanese YouTuber Yuka Nomura of Experience Japan with Yuka (YouTube | blog) for a Chinese snack taste test. We bought most of these snacks in Tongren (Qinghai region of China), a cradle of Tibetan, Mongolia and Muslim influence.  However, I’ve seen much of these snacks in rest stops and small shops through Qinghai as well as, Shanghai.  It’s not uncommon.

Warning: If you are vegetarian, sensitive or strongly politically-correct, do not watch this video!!! I unhook from being vegetarian to try some of these things.

What foods/country have you ever been wary of and what foods were you surprised you liked?


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Chinese Snack Taste Test
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Chinese Snack Taste Test
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