How to plan where to be on New Year’s Eve?

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Where is ‘Home’ (Mixed Media, by Christine Kaaloa,  2000)

Pretty soon, fireworks will light the sky and party blowers will sound, “Welcome to the New Year!”

But up until a week ago, my travel clock was still ticking, even though I had just returned home after a month of travel.

Panic. Oh my God. Where to be on New Years Eve?

Plan on doing something you really want to do.

To many,  New Year’s Eve feels like the time to bring out the new party dress. It feels like it should be celebrated in a special way, because we’re saying our last goodbye’s to the year, while anticipating a new horizon.

So sometimes, I feel a bit of social pressure to come up with a good plan.

Sometimes, I feel like I need to do something sexy, either to have something to tell friends about the next day or because I superstitiously believe, that this one evening will set the tone of my entire new year. But the truth is, I’ve experienced ‘sexy’ New Year’s Eves, which left me feeling very ’empty’, cold and just plain… bored.   I spent it either, with people I didn’t care to be with or doing things I wasn’t really jazzed about.

Want to know what one of my fondest New Year’s Eves was?

It was last year. I spent it scrambling through my house, scrubbing and cleaning it before the count-down (…it’s an Asian thing!), while reflecting on my year, quickly scribbling off a set of resolutions (I’m a total stickler for this part; don’t feel complete without it!)  and then running up to the rooftop of my house, where I watched the fireworks with my parents!

You might wonder why I’m so proud of celebrating in a seemingly lame-ass way.

Well, often what we really want doesn’t outwardly appear as “exciting” as what we think we want. Simply put…  I did all the things I truly wanted to do for that evening.  My blood loved the thrill of racing against the deadline, my actions were sincere and purposeful, and my choices were heartfelt and meaningful.

Being truthful to myself was my perfect celebration. And it has me thinking that I might  like to spend the end of this year in a fashion, similar to the last.


What will define your last night of the year the most?

How will you decided where to be this New Year’s Eve?  Usually,  you just need to choose one of the below categories to know your answer.

Who do you want to be with? (aka important people)

•   Family, close friends or colleagues
•   Alone
•   A special person or loved one
•   A crowd of strangers
•   A community of like-minded people with a common interest

 Where do you want to be?  (aka a meaningful place)

•   Inside your home
•   The city you live in
•   An exotic destination away from home
•   At a social event
•   At a community event which serves a higher purpose  (i.e. volunteering, religious events)

 How do you want to ‘commemorate’ your last day of the year?  (aka a meaningful event):

•   Spending your night in the comfort of your own home
•   A small intimate gathering
•   Going to a special event
•   Partying
•   Serving or experiencing something greater than yourself (i.e. volunteering, religious events)

So where do you really want to be this New Year’s Eve?   Have you ever experienced a New Year’s Eve that had true meaning for you, even if it didn’t seem exciting to others?


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