World’s Worst Toilets: #5 Thai Train

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Last Updated on August 17, 2017 by Christine Kaaloa

IMG 4318
Train from Hat Yai to Bangkok

I have to admit, I love the overnight Thai train!  However, I don’t like train bathrooms in general. It’s not about off-putting appearances, as it is horrific smells.As clean as the Thai try to be, there’s almost always a tinge of smell or drips of urine lingering from the after effects of sudden jerks, shakes and rattling stops.

Thus, this toilet on a train from Hat Yai to Bangkok is going onto my World’s Worst Toilet list

Two things I actually like about Thai trains

1) Both, western and Asian squat toilets are available

Yes, the choice is yours. Princesses like me, can choose to either, rough it or not. Throne or the squat.

Though not pictured, the western toilet is also made of metal and I love that fact. Germs have a shorter life on metal or so I’ve heard…

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IMG 4315
The train squat toilet

2) The jet stream bidet hose

The bidet hose you see in the middle of the top photo is the best Thai invention. The Thai commonly have a bidet toilet with a bum gun. The hose is for hosing down your nether parts . According to some Thai, this is more efficient and cleaner than using toilet paper.

Do you want to know how I use it? I shoot down toilet seats before I use them! The jet stream on these hoses are so powerful, I have every faith in it to scour off residual drips! Wipe off the remaining water with a wad of toilet paper (you can add hand sanitizer on it if you’re really paranoid) and you’re good to go!

Obviously, you’d want to avoid touching the power hose to any parts of your body and I’d recommending sanitizing hands after handling it.

P.S. Extra brownie points to this john for the extra rolls of toilet paper!

What are your world’s worst toilets experience? 

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