My itinerary for my 3 month backpacking trip

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Last Updated on November 18, 2017 by Christine Kaaloa

There’s a large load coming & I’m ready to deliver! Photo: Barbara Vang

Are you ready for what’s coming? You might want to stand back.

I’m back from nearly a month-long travel in Asia/Southeast Asia, with gawd… a  ton of exciting travel stuff to share with you.

This trip was a much needed charge to my batteries. Hawaii’s employment has been so low, I’ve been wanting to string myself up with a noose! I was in a depressed rut. There’s nothing like travel to renew my spirits and  make me feel like I can conquer this limitation .

What’s new: 

GRRRLTRAVELER is on YouTube with Travel Survival Tips!

If you haven’t yet made it to my GRRRLTRAVELER YouTube channel, then mosey over in the coming weeks. I’ve been busy shooting videos on this last trip and you won’t want to miss them.

I’m featuring  2-minute travel videos of unique places I’ve been and  quick “GRRRL TRAVELER Travel Survival™ Tips” , where I answer questions that  travelers only think to ask after it’s too late to ask them!

For example…

•    “How do I enjoy street food in a foreign country when I’m not an adventurous eater?
•    “Where can I get my Canon camera fixed in Bangkok?
•    “Did you know there’s currency in Myanmar/Burma that you should never accept?

This is just the icing off the fun. There’s more…

Most of my tips come by way of me, suffering at the hand of travel. Hence, why I call what I do,” Travel Survival™“. As such, much of my tips will be shot from-the-field, in-the-moment (or close to), with one hand and using the most available camera!  For instance, there are times  you’ll get me shooting with my iPodTouch, just because I experienced something I wanted to share with you, while it was happening. You’ll get my raw advice of how you can survive travel,… smartly, safely and any way you can!

My  3 month backpacking trip

•  As you know, I went to Thailand for a travel bloggers conference. Aside from the meeting crazy ( good) travel bloggers, whose pursuits of travel passion I’ve only known through their sites, I’ve  learned more about how travel bloggers and travelers are shaping the new voice of tourism through blogging and social media.

•  If there’s one country you’d never thought I’d wing full solo, Myanmar/Burma would be it. Thus, I’m living proof that traveling it isn’t as scary or hard as you think. To tip the odds in my favor, I went during low season. To tip odds against it, I traveled solo, made only one hotel reservation, booked my flight and got my visa, just 5 days before flying off. Don’t believe me? Just ask Jeannie Mark of Nomadic Chick, she can verify my near meltdown.

•  If you can stand the sweaty climate, Thailand is one of my favorite countries to travel: food, transportation and budget-wise, the Thai are fabulous hosts.  I might just love it more than Korea.  I stayed at posh 5-star hotels overlooking Bangkok to  a “river floatel” (aka a hotel on the river) which gave us gas lanterns to light our rooms at night and river frogs to burp us to sleep. I visited a famous waterfall, which is home to flesh-eating fish and rode on a railroad, which tragically claimed over a thousand of POWs lives.

•  For my adventure in Korea, I focused on Suwon, an ancient walled city and some uh,…interesting places, which sparked unholy curiosity. You might have guessed that I visited a jjimjilbang or two, but as a travel survival challenge, did you know I j-banged it all the way? Yup, you’re getting an inside look of the snazzy jjimjilbangs this crazy mid-lifer made her hotel!  Insanely cool or hobo, your call…

•  Japan is well… Japan. Part freaky and hip, part symmetrical and square . It’s a lovely country, which I’ve pride in calling ‘my ancestry’. My time there was swift, but I still have tips to share on how to travel on a shoestring budget.

But I’ve tons more fun surprises in my lineup so stay tuned!

stayng at jjimjilbangs in korea, where to stay in korea, budget accomodations in Korea
J-banging it in Korea: Nowhere to stay and no warm welcomes in Korea? It’s high time to make your own options.



What questions do you have for my Travel Survival Tips series?


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  • This line-up looks great!! I have found your posts engaging and highly informative. I am teaching in South Korea right now, and you have given some great ideas for places to visit. I think I will have to add Suwon to my list 🙂

    • @Mikaela: Thanks so much for dropping by. When you commented on my FB page, couldn’t help but love your blog name! I’ll add it to my Links page under the K-bloggers. You have a lot of fun living/teaching experiences there. 😉 Definitely check out Suwon. I was thinking, if I went back to Korea, I could probably live in Suwon. Wonder if they Emart or Costco though…

  • Looks like a heck of a lineup you got going on there. Looking forward to following along and seeing what you end up to.

  • Looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts. Glad we got a chance to meet here in Korea.

  • I had wanted to write a post like this, too, but I have so many backlogs. I need to learn to manage my time better 🙂 I would love to know more about your experience in Burma. Haven’t been there yet and I would love to go there by myself maybe within the year.

    • @Aleah: Thanks for the comment. Don’t worry, I’m not one that can just pop off posts. Time management can be hard when you’re juggling different media, social networks, your blog and oh yeah… a life. ha ha… Juggling video editing will be interesting. A lot of folk seem to want to know about Burma so I’ll push that higher on my list!

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