Review: Beung Pai Fish Farm: Escape into a Catch n Release Fish Resort in Pai

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Bueng Pai Fish Farm Resort


A” catch-and-release” fish resort?   

I was on a minivan bus, thrilled by my last-minute decision to whisk away for a two-day weekend to a place, I’d known only from a paragraph in a guidebook. It was like a blind date. I didn’t know what to expect and I was nervous; I hadn’t a clue where I’d be staying!

Table of Contents: Review: Beung Pai Fish Farm: Escape into a Catch n Release Fish Resort in Pai

Traveling to Pai

Pai is a Thai-hippie backpacker town, just three to five hours north of Chiang Mai (and 2 hours south of Bangmapha caves). Driving there you have to wind through 362 road curves. Little did I know then, that Beung Pai Fish Farm Pai would be the destination that sold me on the entire place!

 “It’s not in the guidebooks and there’s so many resort and guesthouses in Pai. It’s spread mostly by word-of-mouth. It’s a little outside of the main antics of the town- in the middle of some rice fields- but trust me, staying there is worth it!”

Graham, a 40-ish expat from the U.K., sitting next to me, eagerly divulged his secret hideaway. My curiosity was hooked. I held onto it like a college kid waiting for SMS text directions to a secret rave.

“You see, I love to fish.   At Beung Pai Fish Farm Pai, I can do that without harming my catch…

bungalow resort in pai thailand
The bungalows near the lake in the early morning

fishing lake in pai

pai fish farm

Relaxing into Beung Pai Fish Farm

The resort houses two large fishing ponds, where fish lovers can feed fish and fishing enthusiasts can enjoy their catch, without the repercussions of a kill. Fishing poles are for rent and guests can fish on the premises, as long as they release their fish back into the water.

“…besides, the bungalows are clean, spacious and nicely decorated. The place is so peaceful because it’s in the middle of rice paddy fields and the owners are lovely; they make the most delicious homemade granola yogurt you’ve ever had!”

Owned by a beautiful young Thai couple, Orn and Run (who incidentally, generously taught me how to ride a motorbike in their parking lot!), the fish farm serves up a cruelty-free philosophy, scrumptious organic cooking and lots of love, making you feel like part of their family!

My own bamboo bungalow

You can get your own inexpensive bamboo bungalow in many parts of Thailand and I love this about the country. The bamboo bungalows here are lined in an idyllic setting and come with bathroom ensuite, a bedroom with desk, fan, dressing cabinet and free wi-fi. All verandas have hammocks and some open to the lake! Rooms are clean, stylishly designed and spacious. The resort offers trekking and fishing trip guides, as well as an organic food restaurant. It’s all serene.  In the morning when the fog is still lifting, the atmosphere is simply, magical!

Now here’s the kicker– the price. Beung Pai Fish Farm does not actually have resortish prices, despite the quality and unique experience they offer in a catch-n-release fishing experience! Depending on season, you can get a room anywhere from 500 – 1800 baht (approx $17- 60 USD) which covers a range of options for every budget. Oh my lucky Buddha!

hotel key

resort bungalow in pai
My 500 baht bungalow at Bueng Pai Fish Farm
thai bungalow hammock
My bungalow hammock!
bungalow room pai
Inside my bungalow. It’s really much more spacious than it looks. There’s a double bed, a desk and dresser cabinet you’re not seeing.
bathroom in beung pai
Just one half of my big bathroom. Hot showers included.

Food and facilities

The facilities at Beung Pai Fish Farm are clean and well-maintained. There’s a peaceful and relaxing air to the grounds here. They have a vegetarian lifestyle menu too. I didn’t get to try much of their menu~ the dishes looked wonderful and organic, but often I was in such a rush, I only had time for homemade yogurt before zooming off.


Pick up a pole and fish the day away, swing on your hammock or just hang out in the lake lounge feeding fishes… Beung Pai Fish Farm offers a down-to-earth, leisurely and elegant escape from the hyper-hippie action growing in Pai. Of all the charms of Thailand budget pads, Beung Pai offers a unique stay for travelers, who want to have more than the average resort or guesthouse experience.

fish farm in morning
Outdoor lounge are in the morning.

 Book  Beung Pai Fish Farm
M.5. Mai Hee, Pai, Thailand Location: 10-15 minutes from downtown Pai
email [email protected], Phone 089 – 265 4768

Note: When I stayed at this resort in 2009; it was less than a year old. Though its possible fishing policies have changed, I feel this post is still valid to post as one of my more unique and sublime stays in Thailand and since, the resort is only climbing in Tripadvisor reviews!

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  • Very nice review … I am a recent retiree to the Chiang Mai area … was checking for info for my trip to Pai today and your review of Pai came up. Very detailed and very appropriate for the types of things that I am looking for … viee, nature, a place to relax, and quality food. Just like you, the fish farm is attracting me towards it like a big magnet! Made a list of places that I am going to rest at after all those curves … thanks again.


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  • Laura in Cancun
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    Oh it’s stunning!! I can’t believe it took you 2 years to write about this place 🙂

    • @Laura: I know, its unfortunate I took so long. The good part is that this place I hear, has only gotten better! But still, it was my first BIG solo trip so I definitely wanted to cover all of it, but immediately upon my return, I had to pack up my life in NYC, move to Hawaii, then Korea for my teaching gig. Everything happened so quickly. This solo trip got lost. Too many big things at once!

      My patterns usually run like that though. When it rains it pours & you just gotta swim.

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