Photo Essay: Boseong Tea Fields on a Rainy Day

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Last Updated on September 21, 2010 by Christine Kaaloa

18 photo slideshow: Boseong Green Tea Fields on a rainy day

I’ve long been wanting to see the Boseong green tea fields after seeing countless photographs of it online. Nicely trimmed rows of tea bushes and… I’m not sure what I expected but I had high hopes and a bit of a romantic feeling.

One weekend, my friend Chance and I, took the bus out to the Jeollanambuk-do region and got an experience we never imagined…

The Amazing Race to see tea fields

Firstly, getting to Boseong isn’t a straight shot in simple directions, but more like an obstacle course. It took a bus transfer in Gwangju, then another bus transfer to a small Boesang Bus Terminal (with an interesting toilet experience), to a bus stop near the tea fields and a taxi ride to the specific field I was after.

boesang bus terminal

I don’t like taxi rides, but the tea fields weren’t on the bus line. All this effort and by the time I got to the fields, it started to rain. Mist, drizzle and fog rolled over, producing a mysterious and grey blanket over the lovely green rows. Yes, I had come all this way to see it and it felt like I was being denied.  Still, at least I got photos and the dreary atmosphere gave a a moody and mysterious feeling.

This is what I learned:  4 Tea-Inspired Tips for Weary Travelers

boesang green tea fields, how to get to boseong green tea fieldsBoseong green tea fields

boesang green tea fields


The only reason travelers make the journey to Boesang are for the tea fields. Otherwise, Boesang is a town that can look a little mangey. Many parts are grey,  ill-managed and disappointing.  Perhaps it was the overcast nature of the day, but on the way to Boesang bus station, I noticed a handful of love motels should one need an overnight rest and as curious and funny as some appear, the environment around it leaves much to be desired.


Day trips : Yulpo Beach, Suncheon or Gwangju

If you’re going to come all the way out here, you’d might as well get more than just the tea fields in.  About a 20-35 minute bus ride from Boesang is Yulpo Beach.

yulpo beach

During summer season, you can imagine it sees more tourist traffic. Off-season, it’s pretty dead and down by the beach it smelled of rotted fish too.  However, the Yulpo Green Tea spa (read about it here)  was something Chance and I didn’t mind looking into and spending the afternoon soaking in. But when it was getting dark and it was time to decide whether to stay or move on, we had to assess the situation. Yulpo has a few guesthouses to spend the evening in; but they just didn’t seem very inviting.

yulpo beach off peak season

Two more options stood before us– spend the night in Gwangju or Suncheon. Boseong is in the middle of both.  We decided to hop back on the bus we came on and head back to Boesang Bus Terminal to catch the late bus out to Suncheon (read here).  For more directions for Gwangju and Suncheon, click below.

GETTING TO BOSEONG TEA PLANTATION (Click here for directions)

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