Korea Loves Pepero Day!

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How many special days do you know of named after a snack brand?

Well, in Korea,  November 11 is Pepero Day!


What is Pepero?

Pepero is a thin chocolate dipped wafer stick!

Sure, I remember eating it or something like it when I was a kid.



Korea has several types of occasions for romance.

Valentine’s Day: Women show their affection for men by giving them chocolates and gifts.


White Day: Men show their affection for women by giving them chocolates and gifts.

Black Day: Singles celebrate being single by eating jjajangmyeon (aka black noodles).

And Pepero Day?… Well, it’s just  more of a commercial day that the Pepero company smartly initiated and turned it a bit into a Valentine’s Day, with one exception… instead of giving out Valentine’s hearts and chocolates, you give out Pepero sticks.


And boy, how Koreans love to give their Pepero gifts out…


The gift of giving Pepero

From ribbon-decorated boxes to gift baskets, to two foot long Pepero wands… this kind of craze only leaves you with one impression. Korea must really love their Pepero!

My morning gifts from my 4th grade class. Yum!

The original version of Pepero sticks.

Afterschool– scattered Pepero boxes and wraps.

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  • Mom talked so much about “pepero” that I had to try some. Well,……… its still in the refrig. as of this writing. 11/25/10


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