When Thai Monks Get New Robes

Last Updated on July 7, 2021 by Christine Kaaloa

SAM 0361


I was on my way to see The Chinese Village (aka Suntichon Village) on my new motorbike rental. Freedom at last!  Along the way, I made a stop at this local temple.  All throughout Thailand during this time, there’s a celebratory period, which honors monks and signals their changing of old and worn robes. Buddhist devotees purchase and donate gift baskets and/or fresh robes for the monks to wear in the new year.

Here are some photos of things which are given to monks:


SAM 0339You can purchase and donate one of these baskets for the monks (it holds simple items,
such as food, incense, a miniature buddha statue and flashlights, etc… as well as a new robe for the monks)

SAM 0336

SAM 0340Some baskets come with some snacks, incense and practical things like a flashlight!

SAM 0342Honored and revered monks of the past.

SAM 0335

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