Motorbike Tips for Thailand

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Motorbike Tips for Thailand
When in Thailand, many travelers like to rent a motorbike, not only to get around quicker. Motorbikes help us explore a place deeper. With a motorbike, you can get out to the countryside where the scenery and lifestyles change. All of a sudden, the place feels more authentic, local… a breath of fresh air from the overcrowded backpacker craziness.

For many travelers, it is their first time renting a motorbike or even driving it.  When I first arrived in Thailand, I didn’t have the faintest clue about how to go about it all. I didn’t know how to drive one, but eager to get on the way to exploring more, I quickly learned.  There’s no manual and for many, it’s a trial by fire type of experience.
Here’s some motorbike tips for renting and driving a motorbike in Thailand.

Table of Contents: Motorbike Tips for Thailand

Motorbike Tips for Thailand:

1:01   How to Drive your Bike?
2:10   What do you need in order to rent a motorbike in Thailand?
2:20  How much does a rental cost?
2:37   What side of the road do you drive on?
2:54   Helmet safety
3:22   Where to get gas?
3:54   Common motorbike scams

Special Note of Caution:  

The most common motorbike accidents in highly touristed areas of Thailand are not between locals… they’re tourists!  Often, tourists either, don’t know how to drive or are driving foolishly while partying.  I’ve definitely seen the latter and in Pai, where this video is filmed, I’ve seen a shocking amount of tourists in bandages or limping along. Please be safe and act responsibly!
Otherwise, have fun and may the GRRR! be with you!!

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