The Culture of Motorbikes in Vietnam

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Motorbike Lifestyles in Vietnam, motorbikes in vietnam
The Culture of Motorbikes in Vietnam


In Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, you’ll find that motorbikes are the two-wheeled chariots populating roughly 90% of the roadway and highways included. Thus, motorbikes in Vietnam are common and Vietnamese have woven in into their daily lifestyle in the way westerners do their cars.

The Art of Motorbikes in Vietnam

The Vietnamese hang out on their motorbikes, leisurely checking their cellphones, eating or reading their morning newspaper; lounge on them like sofa chairs. The Vietnamese also practice the art of balance by napping on them like beds.

Going to the park at night is like going to a motorbike makeout point — couples park, share a cuddle and occasionally, spoon on their bikes..

shopng 9 31
Driver with a family of four checks on-coming highway traffic

shopng 9 378
SAM 0596

Vietnamese balance a lot of things on their motorbikes

Motorbikes in Vietnam are like a family station wagon! Just call it Mr. Mule.

The Vietnamese can pack-stack literally anything, from an entire family of four, mountainous crates of chickens to a 20 foot long store sign. Yes, as dangerous as it was, I’ve seen it done and I’d hate to see that guy get into an accident.

shopng 9 79
shopng 9 179

Vietnamese have motorbike garages

Motorcycle garages make sure your vehicle is safe from theft; and as added precaution, families bring their motorcycles into their homes at night, storing it in their living room. At least this what I’ve seen so far!

Street vendors are the motorbike drive thrus for fast food

If all that driving makes you hungry? Instead of fast food drive thru businesses, Ho Chi Minh has its own drive-by food sellers. Street food vendors and ladies with baskets of foods and snacks squat on the side of the road as motorbikes line up for a sandwich or snacks.

A motorbike parking lot in Vietnam
A motorbike parking lot in Vietnam
Motorbikes in Vietnam
Construction workers park their vehicles outside their work site

SAM 0049

motorbikes in vietnam
Just kickin it…

shopng 9 351.

Vital Vietnamese motorbike accessories

The face mask

shopng 9 334

Pollution levels seem high with the constant stream of motorcycles on the road, such that a regular-sized nose and mouth dressing don’t feel adequate. Masked like motorcycle bandits, some motorists don the “extended version” of the mask and it’s sized to fit Darth Vadar!

SAM 0152(Above and below) See how this version covers more?shopng 9 18

The rain poncho

Rain storms and monsoon season are a part of the hazards of the two-wheeled ride; thus,  Vietnamese adapt on a moment’s notice. First drop of rain, out come plastic rain ponchos!

shopng 9 146

A Helmet

In Vietnam, safety regulations don’t mean you can’t have a stylish personality.

SAM 0139

SAM 0135

Song: Ngày Đó , Written by Jo Marcel (1975)
Singer: Ngoc Lan


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