Photographing Children in Nepal

Last Updated on October 3, 2008 by Christine Kaaloa

nepalese village children

nepalese mountain children

Sometimes life rushes at you suddenly without notice. It comes in a stream or flood, so as a photographer, you simply snap away hoping you have the right focus, right exposure, speed, timing.

I throw out any notions I might have that I’m an artist or photographer (great or shitty one…).

I realize there’s something greater holding my hand, making this moment happen. The tools and training that I collected with time, helps some. But unless that moment is “gifted” by some act of god, I will not get it.

Taking photos of children is like that. They run at you and pummel you with expressions, giggles or bewilderment- spontaneous, open and carefree- and if you don’t keep clicking, you may miss that special moment.

Although with children it’s not so hard to miss moments. They’re a treasure trove of many.

nepalese madonna

nepalese madonna

children workers in Nepal

children workers in Nepal

(village child workers on their walk home)
(Bhaktapur kite boys)

There’s poetry in listening 

Poetry. You can actually hear it and it has a specific sound. It carries a heartbeat.
If you listen, it will inspire your creation with revelatory and transformational magic.
Poetry comes through ALL volumes, but  often it whispers softly into your ear, when you’re set on DO NOT DISTURB. It happens mostly when you’re alone. That is why I’m enjoying being on my own.

When it’s better to travel as a solo female

I’m traveling alone in Nepal and there’s a sense of freedom, mixed with fear. This makes my travels both, exhilarating and exhausting.

Being alone, I find there’s a more personal and intimate quality in my experiences. I lose myself in the cultural geography of a place and re-discover myself through interactions with the people.

Also, traveling alone affords me the ability to indulge in my explorations, give into those “seemingly random” callings, which invite you down alleyways to get lost and uncover photographic gems.  Most of the time, as a solo traveler, you surprise yourself by realizing the simplest empowering words …” I CAN”.


child blows bubbles

Thamel child blows bubbles

school girls run up to temple

school girls run up to temple

children in Nepal

A girl from Patan 

nepalese boy

Thamel street boy


Children inspire the most refreshing view of life.

They act upon the simplest and purest truths. They are great teachers and angels, especially to adults who have gotten into the habit of becoming “too-grown up.”

Here I’ve had lovely experiences and deep connections with the children crossing my path. The children- they adopt YOU! Despite your race, age, country or status. Whether they’re brown, fair, barefoot & mischievous, runny-nosed or shy… they choose you with all their love and purity and they remind you that life doesn’t need to be as difficult as you’ve made it.

my friends

my friends

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