VIDEO: Riding Kanchanaburi’s Thai-Burma Railway (aka The Death Railway)

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Watch a GRRRL’s Video Tour of Riding on Kanchanaburi’s Thai-Burma Railway or the Death Railway

Riding Kanchanaburi’s Thai-Burma Railway (aka the Death Railway, which sounds more dramatic ), you feel like you should reflect on the harrowing history of Japan’s 1941 invasion in Thailand, the forced encampment and labor of men to construct the train and the death of over 25,000 Asian laborers and Allied POWs as a result constructing this railway. One would think this was a somber ride.

Instead, the Thai Burma Railway is a bit of a scenic journey through Thai towns and alongside hills. As a commuter train from Bangkok to Kachanaburi, it’s not only for tourists, but for locals also. If you get out at Thamkase, as the train continues on, you can walk a bit of the tracks. It’s a little creepy as you could miss your footing and fall a long way.

Death Railway Thailand, Thai burma railway archive photo

Photos: IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM/PA  More photos here.

Advice for walking over Thamkase bridge:

Be very careful and watch your step and the metal spikes. Don’t do what I did and talk to your hand-held video camera while you’re walking.

Train Information for riding the Thai Burma Railway:

Check the train schedule for times and station locations (especially if you’d like to start from Bangkok)

Would you want to take a ride on Kanchanaburi’s Death Railway?

Note: This trip was hosted by Khiri Travel as part of the Digital Innovation Conference. The trip was offered to us in exchange for a monetary donation we’d make to charity.  The opinions expressed are solely my own.

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