17 Things about How I Travel… You Asked!

Last Updated on September 10, 2016 by Christine Kaaloa

17 Things about How I Travel… You Asked!
As promised, this is the continuation to round it up to 50 Things About Me.  The last video I posted was 33 Things About Me You Never Knew.

But in this video, I took questions you had about me as a traveler, travel blogger/vlogger and as a video producer. Here we go:

17 Things about How I Travel… You Asked!!

34: The big secret I’ve been holding about GRRRL TRAVELER

35.  Do I experience loneliness?

36. How did you get started doing this? Who or what inspired you to love travel?

37 When did you realize you were interested in world travel?

38. What was my first country abroad?

39. Which country did you first get sick?

40. What made you decide to vlog and blog your travels?

41.  How do I prepare myself to travel alone?

42.  Why GRRR ?

43.  How did I get my interest in travel?

44.  What are you running from? More about your background and why you left it behind. I think it’s interesting that you worked with MTV and occasionally work as a camerawoman for TV. I find it interesting and inspiring that you left it behind to pursue travel.

45.  My hotel snobism

46.  My  past travel dream

47.  Life in Korea

48. Work challenges: Sexism and a small pond

49. How can I set aside so much time to travel so many countries?

50.  What other activities do you enjoy?

Note:  The videos and blog are supposed to work hand in hand. My written blogs can have more detail  to aid DIY travel adventure. Meanwhile, my videos are a more experiential nature, taking you inside my adventures to experience the parts of travel that really have to be seen and heard. 

The videos will be posted firstly and the written blog will follow. Sometimes, it’s a little late on account I have many things on my plate.  If you believe in what GRRRL TRAVELER does and would like to support the creation of more videos, please support my Patreon campaign. Each dollar that’s donated goes directly back into the maintenance and creation process.

17 facts on HOW I TRAVEL, how to travel, how i travel

17 facts on HOW I TRAVEL