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 how to get to macau, taking the macau ferry

Macau Travel Guide

How to Get  to Macau by Ferry:

There are two ferry companies that operate and two ferry locations from Hong Kong. Turbojet runs ferries from Hong Kong Island and First Ferry runs the operation from Tsim Sha Tsui/ TST.

Macau Ferry locations:

From Hong Kong Island:  Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal is at Shun Tak station

From Kowloon: China Ferry Terminal is at Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) on Kowloon.

Ferry fares:

Central: economy class one-way HK$124/$16USD –  After 6p, it runs night service HK$176/$22.7.  Seats are assigned seating.

TST: Prices range depending on the day and the time between HK$133 – HK$175 – economy one-way. Seats are assigned seating.

Ferry Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation: 7:00am – 12:ooam

The ferries run every 15-30 minutes,depending on location (Central or Tsim Sha Tsui)

First Ferry: China Ferry Terminal (Tsim Sha Tsui)  & Macau Ferry Terminal

How long does it take to get to Macau

It takes approximately 60-75 minutes, depending on sea conditions.

Where do you buy tickets

You can get tickets primarily at the ferry terminals, either at the reservations window or the automated ticket machine.

Hong Kong has two ferry terminals:

Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal: Shun Tak Centre,Sheung Wan Station (on Hong Kong Island)

China Ferry Terminal: Tsim Sha Tsui  Station  (on Kowloon)

Should you book ahead

With ferries to Macau running frequently, there is little need to book ahead. Generally tickets can be bought up to thirty minutes before departure. However, late evening and night sailings back to Hong Kong can get full. It’s best to book your return, if you plan on a late return.

Turbo Jet: http://www.turbojetseaexpress.com/eng/schedule/prd.html

First Ferry: http://www.nwff.com.hk/english/schedule/search_route.asp?line=macau

.ticket to the macau ferry, catching the ferry to macau

seats on the macau ferry are assigned seating
Seats on the Macau ferry are assigned seating


Getting around in Macau

Macau is a bigger island than it seems and you will need transportation to get to different towns. If you have only a day there,  then downtown (near the Grand Lisboa) will be the easiest to tackle on foot. The rest will require bus transportation or taxi.

Exchanging money in Macau

Macau has its own currency called the Pataca | MOP. While Macau takes the Hong Kong dollar, but it will give you change in Macanese MOP in return.

macanese pataca images
Exchanging money in Macau  | Photo Source : www.150currency.com


Things to Do in Macau in 24 Hours

Macau is a lot bigger than it looks on a city map. The casinos are spread far apart, so don’t expect to stroll around as if you’re on the Las Vegas Strip.

Pick up a free city map from the Tourist Information office in Macau Ferry Terminal.  If you have only a day, have the tourist information office suggest places to see and a route to getting to each place efficiently. They can give you directions and bus route numbers.  Although depending upon time, you might just want to take the taxi to the sightseeing spots.  Here’s a list of things to do there.

Take the Free Shuttle to the Casinos

When you get off the ferry, head straight outside and you’ll find a line of free casino buses taking tourists direct to the casino hotels. The Grand Lisboa bus will take you to downtown Macau and close to your sightseeing start.

Free shuttle buses to Macau casinos
Free shuttle buses to casinos are located outside the ferry terminal

Downtown Bus Terminal

A five minute walk from the old Lisboa casino will land you at the bus terminal, where you can inquire about bus routes and destinations.

Note: Although buses show their routes on the bus kiosk, it doesn’t list every stop it makes. Some buses make many local stops, so be advised your travel time on a bus may not match what you think it will take from your map.

Download a larger pdf file of the Macau Bus Network map here.

Macau Bus Network map
Macau Bus Network map

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