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7-Eleven in Taiwan (Video)

7-Eleven Taiwan  (watch video)
If you’ve seen my last video on 7-Eleven in Thailand, you’d know Asian 7-Elevens are more exciting than in the U.S. Here’s some reasons why 7-Eleven Taiwan is awesome!

7-Eleven Taiwan’ Transcription:

Okay one thing about the Taiwanese 7-Elevens is that they give you these receipts…  If you’re local, you want to keep these receipts because these are kind of like lucky number or lottery receipts. You would plug it in and find out if you won anything. 7-Eleven in Asian and Southeast Asia…I dunno… The U.S. is lagging behind.
Today we’re going to take a peek inside the 7 Elevens in taiwan. For part of the day I have my friend Sharon
with me who will help me decode Taiwanese 7 Elevens.If you buy something online or buy something from another convenience store, you can have them deliver it to a 7 Eleven and then you can pick it up here in 7-Eleven. If their client buys something from their store and you live all the way across town, they’ll just send it to the closest 7-Eleven. You can do business here with your bank. If you have a card that will check on what your balance is for your phoneIf you have a membership card you can swipe it. – So you can pay your bills on here too. You can pay your bills, check on how many points you have,…For example this is talking about the bank, this was talking about the mobile phone, withdrawing cash so it’s kind of like… and this is, you can buy tickets… And this is like a parking… parking tickets.The meter guys that go around put little tickets… and you get charged for every half hour 15 minutes, like 10 NT dollars or 15 NT dollars. So when you leave you’ll still have the ticket on your car, but you can pay it at any 7-Eleven store.- What if you don’t pay it?Then if if its past I believe 60 days or something like that you get a fine that’s a lot higher than if you didn’t pay it.My friend, she’ll buy one of these $12 NT dollars. Then she’ll fill this whole thing with broth and take
it home and use it as a soup and put noodles in it. Because the way it’s cooked, it’s got that flavors of all the fish balls and all those things in there, so makes a really good soup base… and that’s a 12 NT dollar dinner.

These are tofu, that’s… turnip,… radish… turnip…

– Ok, so there are veggie options

And then there’s corn…

– I’ll have to have one of these 30 cent dinners.

While rice is a staple starch, it’s still a little weird to be that people here consider bread as kind of like a breakfast pastry or just like a dessert. I love that the photo ID their rice balls makes it so much easier to see what’s inside. There’s tuna, shredded meat and salmon…

Like a burger-flavored Pringles? This is… is that egg? Is that egg or cheese?

They have pineapple M&Ms?

This is interesting. It comes with chili,.. a packet of chili. This is their dried fruits section.

Okay, energy drinks and multi mineral drinks. Super C. Vitamin C. Oh, and here’s what I would normally get. Beauty drink. Supports your beauty from the inside of your body. Asia, I’m not sure why but they’re really into Collagen drinks. Thailand also. I don’t remember if Korea was like that too. But here’s vitamin collagen. soft boiled eggs. There’s definitely things that freak me out and this would be one of them. Soft boiled eggs but like the inside is really orange.

I wonder what the Taiwanese age limit is for buying alcohol.

Pet food seems kind of natural but from what I see on the streets, the Taiwanese treat their dogs like human babies.

In winter when it gets cold, 7-Elevens and Family Marts in Taiwan and Korea, maybe Japan too. They sell these shirts that keeps the heat in. So you can actually buy shirts here so travelers if you forget your shirts and it’s cold, 7-Elevens might thane them. The only problem is that you might want to figure out your size before you buy them. In Asia, you might find sizes run a little smaller. That’s a good things to know.

I’m at 7-Eleven right now and i’ve got this soup where you can pick and choose what type of ingredients or bits you want. This meal of 3 items cost me $36 NT dollars. Tofu and corn on the cob! Fried tofu. Delicious. This is like a fish cake. Let me taste. It’s amazing actually. It’s got corn, fishcake, carrot, onion. Next time I need to get more of these. 7 Eleven. yup. And the soup… perfect for a cold night actually. This broth tastes like a saimin broth.

I’ve been on my feet since around 11am to 9pm at night. That’s a long time to be on my feet continuously. Now my feet are very mad at me. That’s why I”m at 7-Eleven eating. Eventually they’ll forgive me.

What did you find cool about 7-Eleven Taiwan? How is it different from where you’re from?

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7-eleven taiwan, taiwanese 7-eleven

7-Eleven Taiwan

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