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GRRRL TRAVELER’s 2009 Travel Challenge Contest

Be GRRRL funky & fashionable without being cruel

As a Producer-Shooter for reality TV- it’s often been my job to produce what I think would be entertaining challenges for a show.

So I’m holding my very first contest with a pretty cool prize.


What are GRRRL TRAVELER Travel Challenges?

Occasionally, I like to give myself travel challenges. Usually, this is to launch me into bold new directions and they can be either large or small, depending. My first travel challenge was to becoming a solo traveler (read here). Although this is an ongoing challenge for me, my first planned solo trip was to Thailand a month later and executed here.

My next GRRRL TRAVELER Challenge  is to live and move abroad. The destination country, I ultimately chose to pursue and am waiting to see if it comes through is South Korea.


What do you think would be the coolest or craziest GRRRL TRAVELER Travel Challenge for me to try while living in South Korea (or if I don’t move to Korea)?

This contest is to see what you think would make a cool GRRRL TRAVELER travel blog post if I end up going to Korea or if I don’t. They sky is the limit. What would be an interesting travel challenge for you to read about here?

List your thoughts or more than one in the Comments section below (email will not be shown) or you can email them to me using the Contact Form.

I will select the one I like best and in the future, you just never know…


When is the Deadline?

Wednesday, Dec 10th, 2009 at 12 PM EST.

What prize can you win?

 A pair of olsenHaus 100% vegan shoes (pictured above).  

Actual list price is $225.

It was given to me by designer, Elizabeth Olsen. Famous fans of olsenHaus include actors Cameron Diaz, Alicia Silverstone, and Emily Deschanel and author Rory Freedman.  Unfortunately, it’s a shoe size 8/8.5 Women.

So if you don’t fit Cinderella’s vegan slipper, the good news– Christmas is right around the corner!




  1. qing qing says:

    eat live octopus… oldboy style. 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    i’m thinking….. your posts are awesome. great writing, a fun read. please keep them coming…

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