Holiday Travel Gift Guide for Solo Travelers

Last Updated on April 22, 2022 by Christine Kaaloa

holiday gift guide for solo travelers


Around this time of the year, every solo travel website has their 2022 holiday gift guide for solo travelers. I thought I’d take my stab at it.

Travel Gift Guide for Solo Travelers in 2022

1. Yeti Rambler 20 oz Tumbler

To minimize harmful wast to the environment, I try to take a reusable bottle or tumbler with me when I’m on the go. My favorite: Yeti Rambler 20 oz Tumbler is a heavy duty stainless steel, rugged and durable double-wall vacuum insulated tumbler, which keeps your drink hot or cold for a long time. I got this on my Mazda CX drive to the Arctic Ocean. Great for road tripping and camping.   This tumbler kept my drinks warm for hours of driving.

yeti rambler 20oz travel mug

2. TravelOn Packable Backpack

How many times did I wish I had packed a fold-up backpack for that last minute 2-3 day trek I decided to do? The TravelOn Packable Backpack is ideal when you don’t know what adventures lie ahead or when you’ll need an extra bag for shopping or last minute activities. I use mine for hiking with my dog. This average size daypack folds up into an inner pocket.  It is lightweight, stain and water resistant.

travelon packabel day pack


3. Travel Inspira Universal Travel Adapter

Universal travel adapters can be chunky, but they’re handy and they offer peace of mind for travelers. I never know when I will fly to a destination at the last minute and need one.  Voila! My fave travel adapter is the Travel Inspira Universal Travel Adapter; it has four USB adapters spaced apart, a plug adapter and a Smart IC device, which gauges your battery so it doesn’t over-charge. I’ve tried a few different travel adapters but this is the smartest universal travel adapter I’ve come across yet! Best of all, I can charge 5 devices at once (which means, I also use this at home when i’m not traveling!)

travel inspira universal travel adapter, smartest travel adapter
Travel Inspira Universal Travel Adapter w/ usb

4. The North Face E-tip Recycled Glove

Now you can play your candy crush games in the winter cold! Touch screen compatible, The North Face Etip Recycled Glove is made with with recycled fleece and a silicone gripper palm to grip handle your phone.

The North Face Etip Recycled Gloves

6. Electronic Cable Travel Organizer

Many of us travel with electronic devices. With that come ugly cords and power chargers. The BAGSMART Cable Travel Organizer is small but stores cables and USB cords. It has a secret flap for an SD card and pouch for a hard drive. Got more electronic cables to pack? Choose the BAGSMART Electronic Double-Layer Travel Organizer

BAGSMART Electronic Organizer Small Travel Cable organizer

7. Ethique Shampoo and Conditioner Set 

Forget toiletry bottles and plastics; travel ethically with Ethique shampoo and conditioner set. Palm oil free, plastic free, cruelty free, vegan and eco-friendly, this sustainably sourced shampoo and conditioner bar combo set includes an Ethique Pinkalicious shampoo bar and a Wonderbar conditioner bar.  The shampoo has a pink grapefruit and vanilla scent and is made with all natural ingredients while the Wonderbar is made with coconut oil, cocoa butter and vitamin B5 , hydrating hair without adding oil. This product is proudly New Zealand.

Ethique Shampoo and Conditioner Set 2

8. Beeswax Wraps

Wanna keep that sandwich for the train? Reducing waste and plastics when traveling is something every responsible eco-conscious traveler aspires to. Beeswax Wraps are reusable beeswax infused cloth wraps that can be used over and over again to cover and wrap food.

Beeswax Reusable Food Wraps

9. GRRRLTRAVELER Travel Merch Shop

If you are a solo adventurer, shop GRRRLTRAVELER travel tees, hoodies and flip flops! Take the GRRR with you everywhere you roam. Check out our Teespring shop and our Exclusive shop

10. AirPods Pro

Perfect for listening to music on the plane or train, Airpods Pro‘s wireless and noise cancelling features will make you forget you’re wearing earbuds. apple wireless earbuds Airpods Pro

11. Collapsable Telescopic Stool

Perfect for camping, standing in long queues and being on your feet all day long, the Homemari Telescopic Folding Stool is a portable and collapsable telescopic seat you can carry with you. Comes in a variety of fun colors with a carry strap. Maximum load 330lbsHomemari Retractable Folding Stools telescopic

12. Oral-B Smart Clean 360 Rechargeable Toothbrush with travel case

The Oral-B Smart Clean 360 toothbrush is a pressure sensitive toothbrush which lets you know  if you’re brushing too hard. It is self-timed for two minutes (dentist recommended). Battery lasts for two weeks, so it is perfect for travel and it even comes with a travel case. 3 Cleaning Modes: Daily Clean, Sensitive and Whitening. Removes 400% more plaque.

Oral-B Smart Clean 360 Rechargeable Toothbrush

13. Somi Apparel

I love multipurpose clothing. Somi Apparel blends activewear with underwear so you can swim, yoga and wear your intimates in the open. Comfortable fabric and It comes with a SeaSaver washbag so you can wash your reusable and multifunctional activewear. I have the Betty Bra top (my fave for its retro inspired design and cross-back), Thongkiller and the Maverick.

best beachwear for travel
sustainable and multipurpose activewear

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14. EVA Crossbody Phone Case Purse for iPhone 12 Pro Max

For the traveler who doesn’t know where to put their phone but wants it nearby and quickly accessible, there is this EVA crossbody phone case purse. It is a phone case with a zippered wallet, holding 4 cards or money. The purse straps are what I personally love because you can wear it cross body on you as you move.

ZVE Zipper Wallet Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max Crossbody Phone Case Purse 1


15. Sling bags

Sling bags like Ameribag healthy back sling bag are part purse, part backpack.  You can keep valuables and your wallet close to your body. Its small size is expandable to filling it with essentials.

Ameribag Distressed Sling bag, ameribag healthy back bag
Ameribag Healthy Back Distressed Bag

16. Oofos OOahh Slide

Suffering from plantar fasciitus but always on the go? Oofos OOahh Slide is recovery footwear which supports arches and absorbs 37% more impact than regular footwear, which reduces the stress on your feet, joints & back.  Every OOFOS style carries the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance!


17. Clothes with smart pockets

 Clever Travel Companionis a line of clothing (shirts, underwear, long johns) with built-in pockets created specifically to stash valuables. Clever Travel Companion Tank Top is a terrific alternative to money belts. Two zipped pockets for hiding your valuables. I love the entire line from t-shirts to underwear. Haven’t tried the leggings yet but it’s sure to be a winner. Read my review.

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clever travel companion t-shirt giveaway
clever travel companion t-shirt giveaway

18. Travel Safety Scarf

Beauty, safety and functionality, the Sholdit pocket scarf allows you to be fashionable while also protecting valuables with a zipper storage. Need I say more?

Shouldit Infinity Scarf
Shouldit Infinity Scarf

19. Myofascial Foam Roller

Ready for that long 10 hour flight? Gimme 10 Foam Rollers are great for travelers with a tight back, hamstring, fascia, hip, and the list goes on. Rolling offers relief in a deep tissue massage or myofascial trigger point release along the spots you roll.  The raised bumps breaks up knots and increases range of motion. Inexpensive and lightweight. If you are someone who suffers from lower back, neck, sciatica, etc… this is a must. It even reduces scar tissue and cellulite. It will change your life. 

gimme 10 foam roller

20. Manfrotto Lifestyle NX CSC Backpack

Ive been going through backpacks for years searching for the one backpack which can do the work I need it for as a female solo content creator. The Manfrotto Lifestyle NX CSC Backpack merges a camera gear bag with a just enough daypack space to put extra clothes.  The secret back pocket and the back entry camera entrance gives me peace of mind that my valuables will be protected from pickpockets.

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21. Joby Mobile Vlogging Kit

Joby Mobile Vlogging Kit is ideal for the starting travel vlogger or social media influencer who wants to use a mobile phone to vlog and create their work. The kit includes a Joby tripod with two attachable legs which can hold a sunlight and shotgun microphone which plugs into your phone. I’ve been loving my mobile vlogging kit, which is also perfect for creating reels.

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joby mobile vlogging rig
joby mobile vlogging rig

22. Bluffworks

Bluffworks clothes are for both, men and women that make you look and feel great when you travel. Wrinkle resistant, odor resistant, moisture wicking and quick drying, the apparel has hidden pockets galore to help you hid your valuables when you’re on the road.bluffworks

23. SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

With the SanDisk Portable Extreme SSD, SanDisk made an SSD to match the extremes of adventurous, traveling video content creators like myself.  So they made a drive designed to sustain the rugged rigors of this type of adventure (Read my review ) .You can drop this on the ground, in water, it can accidentally disconnect when you’re using it and it will still be okay. Best of all, it is the size of a credit card. They aren’t cheap but one is all you need to travel with as you leave the clunker externals at home.

sandisk extreme portable ssd, best ssd, best portable harddrive
sandisk extreme portable ssd rugged speed


24. JIKKO Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

Staying fit while traveling takes discipline, so having a fitness tracker helps. I like to keep track of my steps to see if I make my goal of 10,000 steps (aka 5 miles) a day. The Jikko Fitness Tracker Smart Watch is a fitness tracker with features like sleep monitor, email and text messages notifications, GPS, heart rate monitor and built-in Amazon Alexa. It is water resistant IP67 so you can go swimming or shower with it on. It comes in a super affordable price for a smart watch and will replace your Fitbit.

Alternative: Donerton Smart Watch does almost the same functions as Jikko Fitness Tracker with the exception Alexa is substituted with the ability to take photos from your watch. They also have a different pairing app.

JIKKO Fitness Tracker Smart Watch
JIKKO Fitness Tracker Smart Watch


25. Pitta Masks from Japan

Pre-pandemic Pitta masks were a trend in Japan. Today, it is still one of the most breathable, comfortable, lightweight and fashion ready masks. While its spongey material does not offer protection against COVID like a K95 mask, it has 85% UV protection and blocks 99% of pollen. In short, it helps with allergies and works great for outdoor activities.

holiday gift guide for solo travelers

26. GRRRLTRAVELER Video Jumpstart Academy bundles

How do you stand out as a travel YouTuber? Starting a travel YouTube channel and being a travel influencer isn’t what it was five years ago. The internet has opened up for passionate content creators looking to create opportunity and make a living from it. At Video Jumpstart Academy, I share tools and solutions for jumpstarting your YouTube brand and monetizing in 2022. To be notified of when you can join my YouTube group coaching program, sign up for my email list!

What would you add to this holiday gift guide for solo travelers in 2022?


This post contains affiliate links. I never leave home without travel insurance- I use World Nomads as it covers travel theft and adventure activities that basic plans don’t. But here’s a trip insurance finder tool  to find a plan that matches your budget. 

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