World’s Worst Toilets #1: Mekong Delta Tree Outhouse Toilet, Vietnam

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Last Updated on August 17, 2017 by Christine Kaaloa

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worlds worst toilets: Mekong Delta Tree Outhouse Toilet


Imagine if you had to go to the bathroom at night? Be careful of your footing…

Found in the Mekong Delta region in Vietnam at a rice noodle factory– an old outhouse and rural brother to the asian squat toilet. This guaranteed made my list of World’s Worst Toilets, simply for lack of safety and uh… the visual appearance.

A tree outhouse toilet in the Mekong Delta?

How do you use an outhouse toilet of this nature? You go inside that box and straddle on the tree branches and watch out below! Don’t worry about there being traces of your last night’s dinner, the fish below are there to help you out. This is as rural as it gets.

Did I have to use this?

Thank God, no. Fortunately for tourists and Vietnamese, a western toilet with bidet is more common. Still, in the more rural areas, an Asian squat toilet might be the only option.

If you’ve ever wondered why the biodiversity in the Mekong River is so rich and why the fish grow so big… now we have a clue.

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  • Clyde E. Meyer
    December 13, 2019 5:43 pm

    I was the sr advisor to the District Chief in Duc Long District, Chuong Thein (Chung Tin) Province from Dec of 1964 to Sept, 1965. One of these outhouses in the District Town and I have seen it used by the locals many times. Fortunately, we (my team and I) had an outhouse that was much more familiar and easy to use. The small pond below the “tree house” contained a species of catfish that reached a rather large size. The vietnamese would catch them and eat them. Yuk!

  • No fish for me if I ever go to Vietnam!

  • You need a GoGirl! It makes me impervious. I can pee anywhere. In dank bus toilets, off tall buildings, in bizarre suspended river squatters. I’m fearless, I tell you.

    • @Tina: I originally bought a Freshette a few years back. It looks like the same thing. Peeing isn’t so much of a problem w/ them, but you do feel a bit gender confused. But what about the other calling?

    • @Tina: ha ha… I originally bought a Freshette a few years back. It looks like the same thing. Peeing isn’t so much of a problem w/ them, though you feel kinda gender confused when you use it. But what about the other calling?

  • How do you even use this toilet???

    • @Ekua: Sorry bout that- ha ha.. Think I was so mortified and grateful for not using it, I forgot to explain that part. You straddle on the tree branches and squat. The fish down below will shout “Dinner time!”

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