Nomadic Chick’s Interview w/ GRRRL TRAVELER

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Last Updated on February 17, 2010 by Christine Kaaloa

bubye 012
Buh-Bye USA! (Photo of my favorite cards to get in Hawaii- Local Kine cards)

Hello all you GRRR’s & BRRR’s,

Winter is still here, but I’m hoping for warm times ahead…and soon!

On a cold note-

I’m heading off to South Korea

I’ve caught a cold and tomorrow, I will be off to a place which is said to have stabbing cold winters. “Stabbing cold”?… hmmm… Well, if I come back with black-and-blues and holes in my chest, then we’ll know it’s true.  Otherwise, let’s hope tons of Zinc, Vitamin C, a thick coat, thermals and leggings do the trick!

Most of the time, I feel like I just want to sleep my cold off, but I’m still excited.  I can’t wait to start my new life and job in Korea.

Being back in Hawaii and having just quit my career in entertainment has had me in an uncomfortable limbo. Who knows- ifI’m doing a gap year, I might just make it two! We’ll see…

How am I doing with packing?

Horribly.  My room looks like my closet vomited on my floor and bed. I am packing clothes for two seasons (Winter & Spring– I’ll figure out the rest when I get there)! I’m allowed only two bags of luggage (which is all I can carry anyways). Thankfully, I am flying Japan Airlines and the baggage limit for international flights are a standard two. 

Also, my dad has been a really cool dad and helped me downsize my luggage and with his ex-marine smart-pack packing regime.

We travelers, think we’ve got packing smarts but leave it to our U.S. soldier boys to have the insider tips to actually doing it the economical way!  And yes, if you are asking, I am packing clothes for a 9-5 job “office casual” dress job!

Can you imagine? While every other gap year person is running from the 9-5, I am running directly into it. Ohh, the Irony….

When I arrive in Korea…

I’ll be undergoing an intensive orientation with EPIK, having to do with my new teaching job! They’ll be prepping us for teaching in a Korean classroom and adapting to the culture. Exciting.  Will try my best to keep y’all posted, but not sure what the exact schedule looks like, but I have a feeling it may just be in the 10-12hr zone.

On a warm note-

GRRRLTRAVELER is interviewed by Nomadic Chick

I just had my interview with cool & quirky travel blogger extraordinaire, Nomadic Chick, this past weekend.

Yay & GRRR! She’s one cool gal, but I always had a feeling she would be.

I’m honored to be her first podcast interview and I’ve enjoyed her site immensely. She will be posting it on the 17th (the day I leave) so please check it out. Basically, I talk a bit about my gap year and some of what I’ve been laying on over here.

Should be fun, I might sound scary or stoned, who knows, but am still looking forward to it. Click here for the interview.


Stay warm and be cool,


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  • Aloha Christine,
    Thanks for your write-ups on our cards. I just wanted to let you know that we now have a website and a FB page @ Local Kine Cards – Maile Way Products. Mahalo again for your generosity!

  • Wowzers gal, you certainly didn’t sound stoned. It was just me. I am from Vancouver, after all.

    I can just picture your dad doing it army style. 🙂

    Love all this exciting buzz around the first 2 weeks. Also, I worship JAL. They really are the best!

    Thinking about you here in Canada!

  • I love my 9 to 5! Beats the hell out of prostituting myself to a Cancun hotel chain, where I would have to work 12 hours a day to make half the money.

    My mom taught me to roll up all my clothes when I pack. They wrinkle a whole lot less, and it’s more space-efficient. I can usually get about twice as many clothes in a suitcase when I roll.

    The 17th? Are you leaving today? If so, good luck!

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