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Would you buy Bali’s most expensive drinkable poop?

Civet Coffee: Would you buy Bali’s most expensive drinkable poop? When I think of coffee, Indonesia doesn’t generally come to mind. Images of surfing,  temples, beaches, rice fields and forests all surface… but not coffee.  Not until now, as  I’ve just learned that Indonesia has the stamp on one of the

March 3, 2014 23
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9 Types of Transportation in Myanmar

Types of Transportation in Myanmar / Burma If you’re not seeing this video, click here. Many travelers want to know how to get around in Myanmar? For a female solo traveler without a guidebook or a hard-set plan, getting aroundMyanmar didn’t feel difficult… at all.  Using the

February 24, 2014 6
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18 Things to Know Before you Go to Bali

Bali has been a long time tourist getaway… a tropical island of natural beauty, gorgeous resorts, yoga retreats and easy-going beaches…  a peaceful fling. Elizabeth’s Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love put Bali on the map as a solo gal’s romantic “finding

February 12, 2014 34
Tips on a Night Bus bus, buses in myanmar
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Life-saving Tips for Traveling on a Night Bus

Will the seats be cramped? Is there a toilet on the bus? What if I get sick?  Is it safe? A  lot of solo travelers, let alone travelers in general, experience reluctance towards the idea of taking a night or sleeper bus.  

January 26, 2014 25
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Was I taken for a ride in Bagan?

It was 3 am (yes, in the morning) and I wasn’t quite feeling the humor of the situation I was in, being jostled in the back of my “taxi”. My head bobbled between fatigue and silent petrification,  as I bounced  along deserted streets, in the back of a wagon.  What was I thinking? Why did […]

January 13, 2014 24
things to know before you go to myanmar
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19 Things to know before you go to Myanmar

  Myanmar can be a hit or miss in meeting expectations. The fact it’s finally opened it’s doors to tourism is hype that has every backpacker running  to it, without really knowing why. Untouched is the magnetic word. But the country is very touched, quickly

December 12, 2013 41
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The Adventure of Catching a Local Bus in a Foreign Country

Solo Travel Tips: How to Catch a Bus in a Foreign Country | Myanmar I love traveling by local bus when I visit a country! Somehow, the sights, sounds and smells of the landscape feel more vibrant and awakening.  I feel alive! Woosh, the scent of a produce market. Cruddle cruddle, wheels against a gritty […]

November 29, 2013 10
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VIDEO: Reasons you should visit Yangon now… Prepare to be shocked.

Travel Myanmar:  7 Reasons why you should visit Yangon now You can tell a lot about a country by their differences from your own.  Welcome to Yangon! As the capital of Myanmar, Yangon city it’s the largest city with the wealthiest population of over 5 million people. But it’s quickly growing and

November 22, 2013 11
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How to Teach English in Korea & Mock Teaching Interviews

Video: How to Teach English in Korea & Mock Teaching Interviews Yes, I’m considering job searches in Asia again and recently shared some of my process on Facebook. So I thought I’d follow up with a post on How to Teach English in Korea & Mock Teaching Interviews.  The two kind of work

November 13, 2013 4
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