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Photo Essay: Is Goa over its hype?

In my last post I touched briefly on the beaches in Goa and their um… tourist mania. As I explained, Baga Beach (& Calangute, it’s sister beach) can be a bit of a water sport carnival. Here are a few more pictures which may make you wonder- Is this still India?

March 25, 2011 3
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Love Letter #9: Purpose & Panic in Goa

Dear Love,

With all my rush to get here, I’ve forgotten why I came.

I made no plans, plotted no route or destination.

I assume I’d just Be. Experience. Live…and the path would magically create itself.

What a fool.

Where shall I go next?

An easy question for some, but for me it begs a sharper query —
Why am I here?

March 22, 2011 5
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Top Beaches of Goa

Looking at the sea out from Baga Beach, the sea is shining, teasing,… much like the vibe of the locals and beaches in Goa. As a female traveling who’s been nervous about traveling india alone, I feel surprisingly safe here. Waves tickling my feet, a pineapple lassi in hand, I look out at the beach. Even the cows are catching their daily dose of sand and rays.

March 21, 2011 11
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7 Fun things to do in Bangkok

One of the biggest things I love about Bangkok? It’s never boring. Cheap massages and motorbike taxis to food and fruit vendors on the streets, each day presents a stunning visual array of sights and activities to keep your camera clicking and your wallets opening for budget vacation splurges .

From old world and dilapidated to freshly modern, you may be partially confused as to which way the city leans. The city juggles a persevering history of old wats, floating markets, a loving devotion to the king and a gateway into the future of modern convenience!

March 19, 2011 6
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Love Letter #8: Retreat

Dear Love,

A big unknown looms before us.

Tides… come and go.

Aannaa. Jaannaa.

For now, let me withdraw, observe, breathe…

Let my breath sound with the sea.



March 18, 2011 2
slumdogs, Photo Essay: Slumdogs of Mumbai, photos of dogs in mumbai
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Photo Essay: Slumdogs of Mumbai

Along Carter Road runs a promenade which Mumbainikers go to for a stroll, to walk their dog or to just hang out by the beach. One of the nice things about this boardwalk are their benches. Some have inscribed memorials to people, some have short sayings and some have stray dogs, a large problem in India. Here are just a few of those benches– with slumdog or without.

March 16, 2011 6
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Mumbai: A reformed Bombay?


Action. Motion. Heat. Noise.

A cacophony of sound and moving drive-by sights accost my taxi window on the drive into the heart of this blazing city. Overwhelmed and excited, everything felt raw, jaw-dropping or new to me and the problem began– what to focus my attention upon first?

All is a soiled hotbed of moving, honking, hawking, digging, driving, walking and selling activity. Roadside stands line the streets in endless stream, selling everything from food, souvenirs, cellphones,… tires.

March 15, 2011 10
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Are there Apple stores in Korea ?

Attention all Mac and Apple fans, you can get your Apple fix in Korea too!

When I first arrived to Korea and realized I needed a converter plug for my Apple Powerbook, I was given an apologetic look and an explanation that there weren’t many Apple stores here. I was told there was one store in Seoul called Frisbee.
there are more stores than I was led to believe… Korea has two certified Apple Reseller stores– Frisbee and a# .

March 14, 2011 11
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Top 10 Things to Do in Seoul

For a weekend traveler living in Korea, Seoul makes my blood race. Sometimes there’s an ongoing list of things of events taking place or sometimes, I just have to create my own ways of having fun.

March 9, 2011 46
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