13 Things you learn from watching Korean dramas

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Things you learn from watching Korean dramas

In lieu of Valentine’s Day, today’s post is about the language of Sarang-he (Korean for “Love”)! K-dramas have been the recent rage and drug popular that’s been sweeping across the globe and hitting Asian countries and places like Hawaii. As mentioned, I’ve been trying to speed-learn Korean, so I’ve injected a healthy dose of Korean dramas into my diet and I’ve found myself, well,… a bit addicted to it too!

You can learn a lot about a country by watching their films and tv programs. I’m not saying everything you see on the tube will be true or accurate, but you get a general impression- good, bad or weird– of how a culture observes themselves, their social and fashion trends, customs, codes of conduct, etc…  Inevitably, of course, you forge a raw stereotype based on what you’ve watched; then, wonder if it’s all true.

13 Things you learn from watching Korean dramas

If you’re a Korean Girl…

1)  You always fall for the rich and arrogant  jerk, who treats you like a servant.
2)  You are always hungry and stuffing food in your mouth, while talking.
3)  You’re able to wear mini skirts and high heels in freezing cold weather.
5)  You’re always going to be a Cinderella slave to your in-laws.

If you’re a Korean Guy…

6)  and you’re handsome and nice, you will almost never…ever get the girl (*unless you are… See #1).
7)  You are a good cook and love to wear a cute smock aprons while doing it.
8)  You like wearing pink or outfits that western guys wouldn’t be caught dead in.

If you’re Korean …

9)  You are emotional and love to yell and scream.
10)  You love romantic triangles, rags-to-riches stories, and Shakespearean tragedies, where people show love through immense self-sacrifice (I can’t even dream up half the kind of self-relinquishing acts that they do!).
11) you have a fascination with the loss of eyesight: i.e.  a lover is or goes blind…  commits suicide so their loved one can have their eyes, etc.. (See #10).
12) You don’t know how to kiss.
13)  You love to drink alchohol.

My Top 4 Favorite K-dramas:

1. Full House

A naïve girl whose only belonging is a house her father left her, must enter a contract marriage with a famous and spoiled actor, when her house is sold out from under her.

2. Princess Hours or Gung

 A common and quirky girl is placed in an arranged marriage with a stuffy Prince. Comical and cute at times, the story is mildly reminiscent of the rags to riches concept of  Hollywood’s Princess Diaries.

3. Spring Waltz

Directed by Yoon Suk-ho, the overall work of this director involve seasons, like Winter Sonata, Spring Waltz, etc…  It’s very similar to the concept of French filmmaker Eric Rhomer, who did the same thing.

Will destiny lead you back to the one you lost? Childhood friends are separated when a life threatening situation occurs. Several years later, they cross paths again while assuming different identities.

4. A Prince’s First Love

Opposites attract when an arrogant hotel heir meets a penniless waitress at a ski resort and she changes his life.


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Color me amused. C, I’m diggin your blog… and this one in particular made me laugh… #10 ㅋㅋㅋHope to see you soon!~~~


Ooh, perhaps the blind angle equates to that old cliche: Love is blind. Haha. And hon, girls in Calgary use to wear mini skirts in the dead of winter. I’m talking -30 Celsius. Translation – effing cold.


The song is called “desde mi cielo” by the group “mago de oz”.


You’re totally right about tv programs and films lending insight about a country. Recently, I’ve been reeled into watching Thai and Cambodian soap operas. To say that both are melodramatic is definitely an understatement. I think one of the characters of the current show I’m watching has been crying for ten straight episodes. But I have to admit, these shows have become one of my guilty-pleasures.


Oooh I think Sun from Lost used to be a Korean soap star. Love her.

And number nine… there’s a song in Spanish called “desde mi cielo”, and the music video involves Asians interpreting that exact scenario. I thought I remembered them bieng Japanese, but after reading this… Maybe they’re Korean? Makes me cry every time.


are you korean? have fun on this amazing new chapter/adventure! i’ve survived my first week living in the philippines!!


    @floreta: No, I’m not Korean, but watching the shows, you start noticing a K-formula. Am hoping to debunk the myths when I arrive. Thnx for the well wishes & congrats to surviving your 1st week in the PI. You have an exciting journey ahead of you, reconnecting w/ long lost roots…there’s sure to be a lot there, as well as some funny culture shock! @kanithaheng.blogspot.com is reconnecting w/ her roots as well. You might want to each other out.

    @kanitha Yes, I am in AWE of how these actors can shed waterworks at the drop of a hat! Gotta be a trick to that- like chili paste or something… Apparently Thailnd is one of the countries that’s gaga over K-dramas. You know- would’ve never thot of Cambodia/Thailand- It’s really bad how we underestimate other countries as having decent tv, film or soaps. Will def. have to look into media from those countries- I remember really liking Bangkok Dangerous (1999 version sans N.Cage) & ironically, was in Sukhothai few months ago & they were filming a tv show/soap (the sign on their truck looked like a period piece warrior show)… a fight scene w/ Muay Thai boxers!


That’s hilarious! I can only imagine what people think of us here in the US based on OUR TV programs (shudder)!


oh grl ..i am so addicted to korean Drama…i just love it to the core …my recent fav drama is Love in Harvard …just watch it …i fall in love with both the guys ..la 🙂


    @ramina: Hey lady, thanks for click-clacking on my post! Oh, I will so miss my Bollywood access in Korea- am still workin on a way to get them… Just downloaded Love in Harvard but prob won’t get to watch it til I’m there. Try checking out http://www.mysoju.com. *totally free* streaming vids. Have you seen the ones i’ve listed yet?

    @Gray: Yeah, we’ve kinda gone to the dogs in TV-land, right? All reality, no originality… When I was in France, I went to see Something About Mary. Watching US films in that context really made me notice the difference. I thot to myself- no wonder they hate us. LOL. I wanted to crouch in my chair; fortunately, I look Asian.

    @gringation: What group is that music vid for? I’ll have to check it out. If you cried, it might have been Korean. LOL. They can pull waterworks from you like crazy. The Japanese, even Chinese, might blind issues…but I think they use it in a different way. The blind are usually tricksters or rogues that are wiser than they appear. An old Japanese show I remember watching as a little girl was about a blind samurai…he would always outsmart every situation.


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