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Japan Travel Guide

Tokyo Travel Secrets ebook

tokyo travel secrets

Tokyo Travel secrets eguide


In this Tokyo Travel Secrets e-guide(based on my Tokyo Travel Tips on YouTube), I am cracking the code of solo travel for Tokyo and shedding insight and travel tips so you feel confident tackling Tokyo on your own too!

Tokyo is a fast paced urban jungle, cutting edge and avant garde innovations rest upon traditional Japanese culture. There are endless things to do, see and eat in this cosmopolitan city. If you are a fan of my GRRRLTRAVELER YouTube channel  and my Tokyo / Japan series and wanted to know the details and resources I used, this is perfect for your!

Ever wondered:

…Which capsule hotels I stayed it?

…The ideal Tokyo mobile apps I used to get around metro and language barriers?

…What must try foods and snacks to find at Japanese conbinis?

…How to eat at a vending machine restaurant?

And much more…

Then these are my secret behind-the-scenes tips for surviving Japan.  You will have all the tools I used.  This is great for first time travelers to Tokyo or those who have watched my videos and have questions about what I have done..

Additionally, I also shared things on my bucketlist which I did not have time to film for my YouTube channel to make your trip as entertaining and exciting as I make my videos!

What you get in my Secret Tokyo Travel Tips e-guide:

– 67 pages of travel cheatsheets crammed with tips and resources I used to make for an awesome trip!
(Please see my Table of Contents page)

– Interactive menu – It works in pdf format and on some mobile devices. Each chapter has a MENU button to take you back to the Table of Contents so you don’t need to waste time scrolling.

– Links to tools I use and links to my video travel guides.

– Countless updates I make to this ebook!

What are GRRR Travel Survival Guides

Travel can feel like work and stress to some. We are constantly processing and decoding things so we can navigate it. GRRR Travel Survival Guides are not meant to be full blown guidebooks, but travel cheatsheets of the things which I think are essential and trip details and filming inspirations I have used in order to get around or plan my YouTube film shoots. Some things in this book, I have not shared in my videos because the information is behind the scenes. Please let me know if there is an issue for you in accessing some of the links.


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Tokyo on $30/day ebook

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Travel Survival Guides on: 48 Hours Tokyo on $30/day (pdf ebook travel guide)

Check out this Tokyo travel guide which helps travelers who want to see Tokyo on a budget.

Secret Tokyo spots and free things to do.

About This 48 Hours: Tokyo Travel Guide

People say Japan is expensive. It doesn’t have to be.  From Sumo wrestlers to fish markets, manga culture to capsule hotels,there’s a cool, but weird side to Tokyo culture. Hang on, because for the next 48 hours, we’re going to hit the crazy racetrack of this fast and fun city!

Make the most of your trip to Tokyo in a budget friendly way and under $30/day

This Tokyo travel guidebook includes 60 pages of:

A List of Free Attractions and Directions

Offbeat, fun and quirky options

 Cultural Insights

Travel Survival Tips for Accommodations, Transportation Options, Eating Out

Budget & Travel Tips

General Travel Information for Japan

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