5 Mystery Turkish Foods vs. Tourist

Last Updated on July 28, 2019 by Christine Kaaloa

Have you ever arrived in a new country only to find you don’t know anything about their food?

This video actually precedes the recent blog I wrote on Turkish Food Culture and is my self-guided tour after just arriving into the country.  It is the first time I’m actually eating something other than street food.

Before we can become travelers, we have to start as tourists.

The first couple of days in a new country’s food culture can feel like a culture shock   You either have to jump in cold or toe-dip, if that’s even possible.

As an audience, you always see the final results of my ‘traveler’ experience and knowledge.  But I don’t always start this way.

As a tourist, entering Istanbul, I knew little to nothing about Turkish foods …or the fact that some of the Turkish foods on my plate (shown in this video) are national heroes!

This was my first time trying Turkish foods.

In this video, I’m grateful to be exploring Cappadocia and staying at Kelebek Cave Hotel (review here) , where I have the help of their breakfast buffet to sample foods .  Turkish hotels are great in that some offer wonderful breakfasts complimentary to your stay, but I don’t always have it this easy.  Sometimes, I’m scrounging the streets for foods to buy…. examining restaurant menus for hints of vegetarian foods.  I can be timid about buying foods I don’t know much about, due to the fact they could have meat in them, which ultimately results in wasted money.

Here’s 5 mystery Turkish foods that you may run into on your trip to Turkey!

What country did you not know to eat?  What Turkish foods are your favorites?

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