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November almost gone and it’s a crazy time of month with winter camps, EPIK winter vacations and decisions of whether I’ll continue teaching in Korea. The biggest question I try not to ask myself is- What will I do if my plans fall short? Or what if I don’t get a university job by my visa extension deadline in January?

Summer Travel Plans for India

Well folks, GRRRL’s been incubating wonderful fallback plans, which entail yoga and my love for India!  Decision time will come soon.

Finding a Yoga School for Teacher’s Certification in India

An EPIK winter vacation screw

What’s my Numero Uno for not renewing my EPIK teaching contract? Travel freedom greed.

It may sound “princess”  of me to complain about EPIK vacation time. Eighteen vacation days is a luxury compared to the two-week vacation standard of a regular 9-5 in the United States. Or the 7 day vacation if you’re a teacher at a hagwon. Hagwon teachers have sucky vacation days.  But somehow working in another country like South Korea, where there is a language barrier which keeps teachers from giving your proper information or a work system, which changes your schedules without warning can make you feel like wanting to be… a punk.

Let’s talk about “desk-warming days”, when you’re the only employee or human being sitting in your teacher’s desk, while the rest of the school is on holiday. Yes, all alone, twiddling your thumbs and burning your clock time while surfing the internet. Some schools make their teachers work during this time by offering winter/summer camps and this is almost better than killing time alone.

Read more about our 10 day winter vacation and winter camps.

More Inspiration: Why teach English abroad?

• Is teaching abroad is a fail safe solution to beat the dying dollar? Think again.  Anne Merritt makes you ask “Is Teaching ESL ‘Recession-Proof’?

• Travis of TravelerHQ offers awesome GRRR! inspiration for those looking to make their way around the world via what else?…teaching! “Working and Teaching His Way Around the World”.

• I love Expat Heather’s “Photo Essay: Classrooms Around the World

Teaching in Korea: News for Expats

• Mitch at GO!Overseas wrote an interesting article Teaching English in Korea: Comparing the EPIK, GEPIK, and SMOE Programs. What abbreviation are you and why?

• If you’re an EPIKer or EPIK applicant, this is for you, so read.  EPIK Press Releases: Re-entry permits; Application deadline extended; North Korean bombing Interestingly, we EPIKers didn’t get any letter from EPIK regarding the attack of North Korean bombing or what to do. Chris in South Korea can give you the **evacuation procedures**. Know how you can prepare and where you should run for safety. Life in Korea: emergency evacuation plans from South Korea


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