August Update : Back from Vietnam and Expacked!

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Do I look like a real Hanoian?

I’m back from Vietnam! Backpacking during summer monsoon season was wet and sweaty fun.  I think I lost 10 pounds of water weight and my skin has a pimply glow. Daegu heat was a breeze in comparison!

Nine days was not enough to see Vietnam and all it offers in crazy motorcycle mayhem. Now I’m back in civilization, where a warm bath and a bed without a silk liner, woos me…

I’m in Expacked’s Issue #84

Major shout out to Expacked for including my blog “5 Reasons to Join your Expat Community when Living Abroad” in Issue #84 of its newsletters. It’s both, an honor and fortunate new discovery for me.

Expacked is an online newsletter for Native English Teachers (aka NETs) in Korea. It’s an excellent resource for up-to-the-wire native English teaching news, as well as stuff your Korean co-teachers don’t always know (or want) to share with you, …even if it ultimately affects you!

If you’re an NET in Korea, check it out and subscribe to the newsletters.

An End of NET desk-warming and my next SOLO trip!

During these past three weeks of August, there are only a few places you’d find most native English teachers:  on vacation, returning from vacation or desk-warming all alone at their empty school. At least the light at the end of the desk-warming tunnel is in view. The school semester opens its doors next Monday! Booo.

This means, I’ll resume my Korea blogginess after I’ve had time to catch up with blogs on my Vietnam adventure. I’m still in dream travel mode and with all the travel hub-bub being around the release of the movie, Eat Pray Love, I’m excited to still be a part of the travel community. Vietnam is my second GRRRL Traveler solo trip since Thailand and I’m looking forward to share my stories and photos with you!

* Currently, I have Sapa Trekking and Halong Bay photos up. I will be uploading photos from my travels shortly, so please check back for more updates.

Water buffalo in Sapa, Vietnam


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  • Thank you , I love to read about other vegans as it gives me the strength to continue. I have about a thousand vegetarian feeds in my google reader, but another can’t hurt!! I did manage to find a good lentil recipe here, but I’ll be sure to try yours too. Thanks!

  • Glad to hear you liked it! I am always looking around for useful info to include in Expacked and came across your blog in the search. Great stuff, keep up the good work.

    also glad to hear you enjoyed your Vietnam trip. I have just come back from 2 weeks in Thailand and had a great time there.

  • Avatar
    Laura in Cancun
    August 20, 2010 4:44 pm

    Wooo! Can’t wait to read more about Vietnam!

  • Mom said you took tons of photo in Vietnam. I”m greedy, I’d like to see all of it.
    I had mix emotion about Korea before you left on your trip but now, ” how sweet it is”. Welcome home Darling

  • And I’m looking forward to reading about them! Congrats on the Expacked mention!

    • @Papa: Thanks Dad. I’ll try to be quicker about posting the pics but I’ve a LOTTA pix to sift thru. Remember, that’s roughly nine days worth. I wish I could hit the blogs & the pics with a magic wand.
      @Thanks for the congrats, Gray! 😉
      @Laura: Appreciate the encouragement. I need it– it’s a mountain of blogs to work on & then to condense. Calgon


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