The Human Plows: The Heroic feats of Chandni Chowk laborers

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wrkingboys 1277 The heroic feats of Chandni Chowk laborers

Delhi, India.

Dilapidated havelis, winding souk-like streets congested with workers, rickshaws and merchant shops which sell anything imaginable from saris to electrical appliances– Chandi Chowk is the bustling heart of a 16th century Delhi.  The “chowk”, one of the oldest and busiest markets of Delhi, still survives and thrives on legacy work practices of Chandni Chowk laborers, whom  I call, The Human Plows.  

Chandni Chowk laborers

Chandni Chowk laborers

Heroic feats of the invisible Chandni Chowk laborers 

The most invisible heroes of the chowk are its male laborers. The men range anywhere from young boys to seniors. These are its laborers which transport mountainous cargo through the narrow winding streets of the electrically crowded chowk. They are the chowk’s busiest worker bees, making sure the cargo goes from its unloading area to its merchant shops. Weaving and dodging through crowds and rickshaws, they take their delivery to its destination.

Box man

chandni Chowk's Human Plows Chandni Chowk Laborers

The amount of goods they transport are impressive or jaw-dropping. The physical frames of these laborers even moreso, as many are just bone and muscle. A population of these laborers look like tiny grandpas with muscles.

Some men hoist the cargo on shoulders, others strap and balance mountainous goods, while men either, bicycle pedal or wheel cargo on oxen carts . These laborers can do a day’s work for as little as $5 a day .

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