A perfect budget day pass to Osaka

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A perfect budget day pass to Osaka

It was coming up on my second day in Kyoto and I was in a quandry. What would I do?

I wanted the  most affordable sightseeing itinerary and most efficient use of my day, as I’d have to return to Kyoto in time to catch the night bus to leave.

The young and handsome Japanese front desk attendant, working at my hostel jumped on the internet to research the best (aka cheapest) route for me . His search returned an unbelievable tourists budget day pass to Osaka.  “This is a very, very good deal! ” he said excitedly as he printed it out. “These not normal prices. This is much better than student rates!

This is why I don’t mind giving up some of my freedom for a hostel. Not only are the people helping you, young and cute (vs. old and farty) but they’re professionals when it comes to scouring student rates and they know a good deal when they see it!

What did I get in my one day tourist budget day pass to Osaka?

  • A round trip ticket to Osaka from Kyoto
  • Admission to the Osaka Aquarium
  • An all-day metro pass in Osaka (this includes JR lines).

The cost

2,700 yen (aka $27.00 USD).

The deal was unbeatable. A dream.

The reality of that same day excursion would’ve normally looked like this…

  • A round trip ticket to Osaka from Kyoto :  1,100 yen (approx $11 USD and taking the cheapest local express train)
  • General admission to Osaka Aquarium :   2,300 yen (approx $23 USD).
  • A basic one day unlimited pass in Tokyo and Fukuoka ranged 600-800 yen (approx $7 USD)… And Note:  JR lines are generally excluded from this value.

The Grant Total? Roughly $41 USD.

japan masks, osaka life

Beware of ATMs in Japan… they don’t like foreigners

With my newly-printed itinerary in hand, I was off  to Osaka! Distracted by a TV filming in my neighborhood, I was getting a late start. I got even later, when I found I was fresh out of money and this prompted the discover one of Japan’s biggest pet peeves for travelers… a lack of ATMs which take international bank cards!  … Really Japan?

After running around through department stores searching for that one ATM which took foreign bank cards, I finally got my money, bought my Osaka day pass from the Kawanamachi ticket booth and then my wheels rolled.

Getting from Kyoto to Osaka

I had to leave specifically from Kawanamachi station in the geisha district of Gion.  This was because the pass could only be bought at that station.

This didn’t matter to me. My hostel was in Gion and not more than 10 minutes from Kawanamachi.

The train ride from Kyoto to Osaka was only 30 minutes.  Most of Japan is developed. If you ever get to see Japan from a plane, it’ll appear that the only thing they don’t build upon are mountains and occasionally, parks.

Seeing the Japan landscape wasn’t as entertaining as I imagined it would be.

Being raised American and part Japanese, I can’t help but compare it to a fantasy of an old Japan and a period in time when my ancestors lived steeped in tradition. Unfortunately, these days, much of old Japan is replaced by a regulated, modern and industrialized Japan. Still, if you strain, you may see some remnants of its past, before industrialization covers it up.

how to get from kyoto to osaka, directions from kyoto to osaka aquarium

The route going from Kawanamachi Station in Gion, Kyoto to Osaka Aquarium


view of fukuoka from the airplane, airplane view of japan


japan landscape, japanese view from a train, japanese neighborhood
japanese architecture, japanese rooftops houses, japanese neighborhoods

japan landscape, japan railroad, japanese industrialization

Arriving at Osaka Station

While Osaka feels more laid back than Kyoto, Osaka Station can overwhelm you.  Hub stations in the big cities can be like a large labyrinth, carrying a maze of metro lines, JR lines and bus docks. Osaka is no exception.  It’s easy to get lost if you’re not focused on finding your way. It was a little stressful.

osaka station japan, osaka jr station

osaka metro, osaka station japan, japanese subwaysNonetheless, once you exit the stations, you feel more at ease.

Osaka lifestyle feels more casual, calm, but still dynamic and interesting. The grocery store prices are much cheaper than Tokyo or Kyoto.

big ferris wheel osaka, what to do in osaka, budget travel osaka, modern architecture japan osaka

osaka city

When I finally reached the station for Osaka Aquarium, I had a chance to wander around the neighborhood.

osaka streets, big ferris wheel osaka, what to do in osaka, budget travel osaka

IMG_1345Museum near the aquariumbig ferris wheel osakaBig ferris wheel
osaka aquarium Osaka Aquarium

I wish I could’ve seen more of Osaka but ultimately, all I had time left for was the aquarium !

But maybe there will be a “next time”. Hopefully, if there is one, I’ll get the same deal!

Next: Osaka Aquarium, one of the coolest fishtanks in the world


48 Hours : Japan on $30/day



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Hopefully I’ll be visiting Osaka or Hiroshima for summer break (after Bangkok). I wonder if your luck can rub off and I can find a killer deal for getting around! Just minus the old and farty people…


I can’t wait to go to Japan! I have this big crush on all things Japanese. I love the simplicity and beauty of Japanese interiors and design.
Also, it just seems so alive.


Great post! There’s so much info here, really well done, How the heck do they fit two or three people on those small little beds? Madness. Are there no female-only sleeping compartments?


Agh..Every post your write just makes me want to go back!

I feel your pain re: ATM cards by the way. I discovered that on arrival when I flew in. Yes. Even at the International Airport I was having problems. Then, in the process of finally finding one that worked I managed to lose my map. This made for quite a confused introduction through Tokyo’s huge train lines. Somehow I did manage to reach my destination.


What an incredible deal! We were just in Osaka last weekend – I felt the same way about the city: It’s a little less frantic than Tokyo, but still vibrant. I completely adored the aquarium! Except the giant spider crabs – I didn’t even know that they were a thing until that day! They are seriously freaky looking.


Great advice… and I actually think that urban landscape looks beautiful!


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