Experiencing 4DX Cinema in Thailand

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4DX Thai Luxe Cinema Experience


Thailand offers many exciting things for travelers to do, from trekking, caving, scuba diving, wat visits, klong boat rides, night markets, floating markets and more. So the last thing I wanted to do was spend my time at a movie theater.

…Unless that is, it offered an exciting bucket list opportunity!


Luxe Cinema in Thailand

It was just after Yee Peng festival and I was sick and on the mend in Chiang Mai, I didn’t feel like doing much. But it had long been on my bucket list to see a 4DX movie, so I decided to take myself to Central Festival‘s  4DX cinemaplex.

Firstly, as an movie-going American, 4DX cinema is an entirely new and exciting breed of entertainment for me!  4DX cinema has been popping up all around Asia and Southeast Asia as a sexy and advanced theater technology; and yet, it’s not a global standard and I can’t find it readily in the U.S. The only way for me to experience 4DX cinema,  is in a country/city that has it!

Secondly, the great thing about Thailand’s cineplexes ( and their mega malls) is that the Thai know of to do their cinema experience right. Similar to the the way Thai mega malls merge a shopping experience with additional entertainment facilities, you’ll find cineplexes with luxury movie-viewing options from VIP lounges to reclining chairs, blankets… even your own personal waiter. Some cineplexes even have their own bowling alley!  

What is 4DX Cinema?

IMAX, 3D…. you ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen a film in 4DX.

 4DX takes your movie-going experience from “watching a movie” to the next level of “experiencing the movie”. Aside from viewing your movie in 3D, you’ll experience your chair vibrating or rocking to simulate the action in the film. You may see light strobe lights, feel wind and mist, see bubbles and smell scents (such as perfume, flowers, breeze, gun powder, etc..). If gunshots go off, you might get soft air blasts near your ears.  They’re all simple simulations, but they add to the overall fun of the experience.

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4DX cinema in Thailand


Things to Know Before you Go:

  • Each ticket is assigned a seat.  You can choose where you want to sit, but there is no open seating once you get into the theater.
  • Before the movie starts, the royal anthem plays and everyone stands in respect to the King Bhumibol Adulyadej.
  • Some cineplexes are in mega malls which house bowling alleys, ice skating rinks, karaoke and fitness centers.  A movie going experience doesn’t only have to be about watching movies, but experiencing different forms of entertainment.
  • Prices range from 70-160 baht depending upon location and experience. New releases: 140 to 160.   4DX film: 300- 600 baht depending
  • There are special member lounges for movie goers who want to chill in comfort before the movie.


Where to Go for 4DX

Chiang Mai

  • 4DX Luxe Cinema, Central Festival Shopping Mall, Top floor (the mall also houses an ice skating rink)


  • Paragon Cineplex (located off the Siam BTS station, in Siam Paragon, 6th floor). It also houses a bowling alley.


  • Westgate Cineplex, Promenade Cineplex, Major Ratchayothin, Hatyai Cineplex

More Information

Find a 4DX cinema nearest you

List of Cinemaplexes in Thailand + its specialties

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